Monday 23 March 2015

New Spring Arrivals

Happy Spring!

Here are the new Easter arrivals for 2015 available now in our Seasonal menu.

Spring / Easter selection at the Littlest Sweet Shop

It is hard to believe that Spring is here since we still get frosty mornings and some snow is still present in some (unlucky) areas in the UK! I still wear my thick winter coat when I'm out for walkies but the brightly coloured daffodils have blossomed everywhere in the village.

Bunny shaped cookies
Cherry cake loaf with chopped almonds
Easter can be a big event here in England. I decided to make a Simnel cake which is traditionally served on Easter since Medieval times. 

It is a small fruitcake with 2 layers of yellow marzipan. The top part has been lightly toasted. The 11 decorative marzipan balls represent the twelve apostles, minus Judas.

These cupcakes are a classic for Easter. We made the nest using fine chocolate flakes and pastel sugar eggs.

Nest cupcakes

Easter is also the time when children (and probably some adults) paint eggs. We coloured some eggs into lovely pastel colours and painted them. They are placed in this handmade bread basket (literally a basket made out of bread).

Bread basket with painted eggs
Kids will love our colourful Easter / Spring sugar cookies. Choose from the designs below in any cheery colour.

Butterfly, birch leaf, bird, tulip, rabbit, Easter egg, cross, flower, caterpillar
Our Spring jelly range have been expanded. This time we added a ribbon/bow and strawberry design for you to choose from.

Ribbon/bow and strawberry jelly in milk strawberry flavour
There are also some new mini cakes now available in the Cakes menu. These petite cakes are not as hefty as a slice of cake so it is more suitable as an after-dinner dessert. You can commission them in pretty colours as well to brighten up a doll's tea party.

Mini cakes
Samples are shown in round and heart shapes however we also make them in squares.

Round mini cake with teal icing. Decorated with whipped cream and cherry on top
Heart shape mini cakes with pink icing. Decorated with chocolate curl and diamante

Littlest Sweet Shop's first magazine appearance is in the Dolls' House Magazine (March Issue)!

It's very exciting to see your creations in print! You should be able to purchase this magazine at your local newsagents (UK only).

That wraps it up for now. I have been sent a box of awesome Japanese sweets and treats to review so stick around for that mmmkay?