Wednesday 18 February 2015

New products and new updates for February

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!!

Welcome back to Littlest Sweet Shop, the home of miniature food so let's check out some new stuff.

Maya behind the deli counter
Yes! More protein-packed items from the Deli menu. These come directly from our butcher so you get fresh quality meats.

Make sure your dolls cook the sausages first before serving it up. Also a great prop for your deli counter or just something to sizzle in a frying pan. If you order more than 1 sausage, we can deliver it to you as a string sausage. 

Large Cumberland sausage
Our pork sausages are blended with the finest herbs and spices

Here is another new deli item, a quintessentially English snack. We finally have some Gala slices that can be served cold so they are perfect for picnics or more commonly as a popular pub food.

Our Gala slices are made from the finest pork mince, surrounded by pork jelly and encrusted with short-crust pastry. Each slice will have a perfectly round hard-boiled egg in the middle.

2 Gala slices
That's enough savoury foods for now. Let's balance it out with some cake!

Here is a great cake for a birthday party. It comes complete with candles (or have them burnt out if you choose). Technically the diameter is more suited for 1/12 scale but it will also be applicable as a small 1/6 scale cake. Available now in the Cake menu.

1/12 Scale rainbow frills birthday cake
Let's move on to some new updates on current products. Our first update is on our Mr Softee ice cream. It's now available with a combination of 2 ice cream flavours. We are calling this Mr Softee Stripes. Mr Softee also comes in every shade of pastel loveliness so make sure you check them out in the Ice Cream menu.

Sweet potato and vanilla Mr Softee Stripes
Mint and vanilla Mr Softee Stripes. Strawberry and vanilla Mr Softee Stripes
Here is a cherry pie with one slice missing so you can see the juicy cherry filling. Available in the Bakery menu.

Our last update is for the Brunch menu. I actually made this months back and never realised it was never listed until yesterday on Pancake Day. The only thing wrong with this pancake is that bacon is missing! (we will sort that out soon ;))

3 Stack pancakes with butter and maple syrup.

Last but not least, we finally have a stock of pizza boxes for our Pizzeria. Available for medium and large pizzas.

A medium Ham and Pineapple pizza in a handy box
Seafood and Pepperoni pizzas in a box

That's all folks! Please visit again soon as we will debut Mexican TACOS!



  1. Great looking foods! You're making me so hungry!

  2. Yes, my mouth is watering each time you show another food item. Great work! xo Jennifer

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