Sunday 30 March 2014

New arrivals on Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother's Day Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Hope that you all had a good celebration with the most important woman in your life today.

2 updates in a week! I just remembered that I haven't listed the Strawberry Shortcake that Akiko was serving on this blog a few weeks ago. You can now find it in the Cakes menu.

I also listed another new item for Easter. It is a candy birdhouse made out of caramel and chocolate (roof) with cute sweets. The caramel main building has wooden grain detail on it! Available now on the Seasonal menu. 
So small that it fits on the palm of Akiko's hands
A wonderful item for Easter or just a home for the chicky macarons
I took Akiko out for the first time today on my bicycle and snapped this lovely shot of her with some daffodils. We have so many daffodil flowers here in the village in the spring time and I suspect that they were planted by daffodil fairies overnight. When it gets warmer - they all disappear almost instantly!  

Having a new 2 scoop ice cream cone near the farming fields
Before I sign out, here are some photos of our loyal customers enjoying Littlest Sweet Shop treats! Some treats are so new and bespoke that it isn't listed on our menu (yet) - what lucky girls!

So I hope you had a nice spring weekend and see you again next week! Don't miss it because we will début chocolate pudding, mousse cakes and new mini cheesecake flavours.


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