Sunday 6 April 2014

New arrivals and new recipe for the Napoleon

Good morning Littlest Sweet Shoppers

I hope you had your breakfast already because the next few photos will make your mouth water! We are introducing some new items today as well as some updates on our best-selling products.

Not many dolls appreciate a whole piece of pie (gotta watch that tiny waist line!), so we are now serving a large individual slice of pie. Each slice is loaded with fruit filling and you can have it with or without powdered sugar. Now available in the Bakery menu.

Apple pie slice
Cherry pie slice
Blueberry pie slice

We also created some new petite desserts. Each treat is perfect for a tea party since they all come in a serving for one (doll). Everything is now listed in the Cakes menu. The chocolate pudding is listed in the Bakery menu.
New desserts!
Strawberry mini layer cake
Caramel mini layer cake
Blueberry mini layer cake
Chocolate mousse cake
Blueberry mousse cake
Strawberry mousse cake
Mini chocolate pudding
That's not all folks! Here are some updates on existing products in our Sweet Shop:

New flavours for cheesecake - Milk strawberry, chocolate, honey and caramel. Find it in the Cakes menu.
New doughnut variants. Find it in the Bakery menu
And finally, the Napoleon slice is made using a new recipe to achieve the realistic custard filling. It is sandwiched between the many layers of light and crisp pastry. Listed in the French Pastries menu.

Feeling hungry yet?

BTW, did you notice that we have moved to a new address here in cyber space? Same shop, new address. Make sure you update your bookmark so you can find us anytime.

Bye :D

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  1. *mouth watering* ... I should not look at your blog when I'm hungry!!!!