Sunday 9 March 2014

First Day of Spring

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers :)

We had a lovely day today so I decided to take the girls outdoors for the first time. They even brought their own dessert from the new Easter range (SNEAK PEAK ONLY!)

I should be able to launch the whole collection on this blog by next week. For now, please enjoy some pictures of the Littlest Sweet Shop maids. 
Akiko with the new Strawberry Shortcake whole cake
Naru and Maya
Easter chocolate & Easter basket mini cakes 
I had to make a new Starwberry cane for this cake (I ran out). This time the colour is slightly different - more hues of yellow, orange and peach.
Littlest Sweet Shop maids
Akiko (Pureneemo Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Sahra Limited Edition 1/6 scale doll)
Slice of Strawberry Shortcake cake
The girls made sure there was something for me to have as well. She's offering me a Mikado (Pocky) stick
Naru (Pureneemo Chocolate Mint Lycee 1/6 scale doll)
Holding an Easter basket mini cake
Easter dark chocolate eggs
Maya (Pureneemo Peach Pie Maya Limited Edition 1/6 scale doll)
Would you like a chocolate egg (ribbon deco)?
Chocolate eggs in a basket
Easter mini baskets are chocolate cake covered in a basket made out of caramel candy. Decorated with sugar flowers, mini eggs and a butterfly
Naru is planning an Easter egg hunt in the garden
Are you excited about the new collection? I know I am! Be sure to come back next week to the complete roll-out of these new products. 

Bye :D

Akiko, Naru and Maya: Come back soon!


  1. This sneak peak is very exciting... I'm really loving it all! Especially those chocolate eggs and strawberry shortcake... they're making me hungry!

    1. Cuter things coming soon! It's just a bit delayed since a lot of things are happening right now :)