Thursday 27 March 2014

Enjoying the new Spring arrivals

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers :)

I'm currently taking a break from modelling to concentrate on some sewing for the bi-monthly Blythe swap I do with a bunch of cool people. My haberdashery kit is in London for a photo-shoot so I must try to make something awesome using the items I have left.

Littlest Sweet Shop display counter with new and old treats
Naru came in to the Sweet Shop today to try out some Spring/Easter new arrivals. 

LSS diorama March 2014
Naru tries a Spring Blossom candy bar. Delicious vanilla cream candy with a chocolate fudge base. Great with coffee
There is a cute cherry blossom flower design at the top. The fudge is dark and delicious
Easter cookie hamper makes a cute table decoration for this spring season.
We decided to put the Easter treat stand here
Naru is trying an Orange macaron in the shape of a chicky
Spring is wonderful here in the English countryside. This new collection is inspired by the nature that surrounds our Sweet Shop. Flowers are blooming on almost every living plant and they are so bright and colourful! After that wet and bleak winter, I am so glad that it's finally spring.

Naru's 'casual' stock clothing :p
That's it from me. I will see you next week to debut MORE new arrivals. It's going to be great so do make sure you visit again :)


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