Thursday 27 February 2014

Ice cream cake and new updates!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I'm so pleased to meet the deadline for a big commission that I was working on solidly in the last 2 weeks. I can now focus all my attention back to the Sweet Shop and come up with some new arrivals!
New updates and products
First new item is ice cream cake. I just love ice cream cake and even remember my first piece. It was chocolate ice cream on vanilla cake at a birthday party decades ago. I love cake and I LOVE ICE CREAM. It's a yummy treat for any occasion so every cake will be open to any customisation including the ice cream flavour, cake mix, decoration and more! Check it out now in the Ice-Cream menu
Mint choc chip ice cream cake with butter-cake and pink vanilla icing.
I also made new improved Mont Blanc designs. The decoration is now kept simple and you can get it in 3 different flavours: Sweet Potato (purple), Chestnut and Green Tea. It is a popular Japanese dessert but it is located in the French Pastries menu 
Mont Blanc means white mountain. The peaks of these cute pastries are dusted with some 'snow' (powdered sugar). You can also have them decorated with gold or silver sprinkles.
I've also been using more of my 'sauces' from the Tamiya Decoration Series. It gives a realistic and glossy icing to almost anything and everything! 
Updated éclairs with chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce. Find it in the French Pastries menu
Milk strawberry sauce looks super yummy and sweet on this doughnut! Available now in the Bakery menu
Cherry Cream chocolate cake. Available in the Cakes menu
Swiss rolls iced with milk strawberry and strawberry sauce. Also available in the Cakes menu
Pretzels with new toppings. Plain salted pretzel, Salted caramel and almond pretzel, Chocolate and candy pretzel. All available now in the Bakery menu
Before I sign out, let me introduce you to our new Littlest Sweet Shop maid. Her name is Akiko and she loves strawberry shortcake.

She will be the last maid, unless we expand the shop :)

Here she is with a sneak peak to our upcoming Spring 2014 collection. It will make it's proper debut alongside the other Easter goodies VERY SOON. I have to make several trips to London next week but I'm still going to try to complete the new Easter range by Shrove Tuesday.
Akiko and the Easter cookie hamper from the upcoming Spring 2014 collection
OK, gotta get back to work. Always so busy!



  1. I love the new items and the new girl!!! What a cutie!

    1. Thank you. I can't wait to see your new girls :)