Thursday 6 February 2014

Freshly baked BREAD!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here is a mini mid-week update! I've taken some new shots of Littlest Sweet Shop bread alongside some new ones.
Littlest Sweet Shop bread selection. Parisians are available in the French Pastries menu
Medium-sized bread (same commissioning price for the options shown here). They are listed in the Bakery menu
Farmhouse loaf  (with various re-Ment miniatures). Available in the Bakery menu
So it's only 1 week to go before Valentine's Day! Please remember to get something for your loved one/ones and here is a little inspiration:
Valentine's day buffet with some new additions! I've also added new lollipop cookies, cupcakes and mini cheesecake
Maya holding the new lollipop cookie. Available in the Seasonal menu
As promised, the new maid (Naru) in action! I'm totally smitten with these Sweets à la mode dolls from Azone. I've just purchased another one (OMG!) and she will probably arrive hopefully by Valentine's Day. My plan is just to get just one girl from each pair they release since they cost a lot of £££s. 
Since we have a second maid working in the shop, Maya has gotten lazy
Naru is a Pureneemo Chocomint Lycee doll. She loves serving ice-cream!
My recent commission was to cater a tea party picnic. The clients were Pureneemo XS and Picco Neemo dolls so the doughnuts were done in 1/8th scale which was a perfect size for them. Since most of Littlest Sweet Shop items are hand-modelled - sizing of the food can be customised.

Here are some cute photos from the tea party! (credit rounezu on flickr)

The Littlest Sweet Shop Goodies...
Delicious strawberry shortcakes and doughnuts from Littlest Sweet Shop
OK, that's all for now! I will be quite busy with a big commission this whole month so please submit a commission request early if you would like some treats for your dollhouse/dolls/dioramas/etc.

Toodles ^_^