Sunday 16 February 2014

New cakes and ice cream :D

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers <3

I hope you are enjoying this Valentine's Day weekend with your sweetheart. My Valentine (aka husband) was sweet enough to get me a cotton candy machine to celebrate our love (and my sweet tooth).

I'm currently working on that big commission that I was talking about in the last post but still managed to create some new product updates!

First update - CAKES! You can check out each cake individually in the Cakes menu.

New cake updates
'Big bow' cake. With jam filling
 Chocolate mint cake. Mint filling with rich chocolate cake
Caramel cake with pastel sprinkles
Butterfly cake
Naru and Maya are testing out the new cake over a cup of tea. Naru asks you to join them.
We have also been enjoying the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. It's a great excuse to make these flag cookies so your dolls can support their favourite teams over a cuppa! The icing for these cookies had to be done using a needle since it requires fine and intricate craftsmanship!
Bespoke flag sugar cookies now available in the Bakery menu
Maya and Naru loves watching the figure skating event. Maya gets a bit over-excited when she cheers on her favourite team. Naru enjoys some Littlest Sweet Shop popcorn which is a great snack for TV time.
 Our last update is in the Ice Cream menu!
Traffic light popsickles! Cherry, pineapple and lime flavoured ice-lollies
Ice cream sandwiches are available in 2 yummy shapes and any ice cream filling
Mamachapps in Italy are celebrating this special weekend with some treats from Littlest Sweet Shop here and here. So are these lovely Pureneemo XS and Picco Neemo dolls:
Happy V'day Rin & Ai-chan...
Chocolate heart lollies and box of chocolates for Pureneemo XS dolls. Credit rounezu on flickr
Lil' Fairys enjoying their new Valentine's Day gifts including Littlest Sweet Shop white chocolate lollies and cute dolls! Credit rounezu on flickr
If you like Littlest Sweet Shop products and would like to do a swap for them, please check out the Swap/Trade program. I have listed the items that I want in exchange with ANY Littlest Sweet Shop product. Please visit this page if you are interested. 
Maya and Naru loves swapping especially when it comes with free friendship!
OK, that's all for now. See you soon!


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  1. More wonderful items!!! And oh my... Swap/trade? I'll have to see if I have anything XD