Thursday 30 January 2014

New arrivals and updates!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

If you are in the UK, I am sure you are feeling a bit down from the dismal weather that we are experiencing. It's official - the wettest January in the UK since a very long time! This is also why I couldn't update my blog. I modelled so many new things recently but no opportunity to photograph them - very irritating!

Today's weather was the usual 'gloomy and wet' but I asked my husband to put my diorama near the window (the diorama's base is an inch plywood so it's quite heavy) so I can finally debut some new arrivals. These are just a first batch so there will be another blog update early next week with the other batch. Let's hope the clouds go away long enough for me to photograph the other new arrivals.

Here it is:
Mille-feuille, doughnut updates, more Valentine's day cookies and a Swiss roll update
First new arrival isn't actually new but an update/improvement. I didn't like the first mille-feuille that I did so I improved it and made a whole new line. This time I tried to capture the important detail in a mille-feuille which is the many layers of puff pastry.

You can check them out in the French Pastries menu.

Littlest Sweet Shop's new line of Mille-Feuille
Fruit mille-feuille with layers of sauce and fruit between each pastry!
Napoleon slice
Italian pink mille-feuille
Whole strawberries sandwiched between 2 pastry layers
Whole raspberries sandwiched between 2 pastry layers
Italian mille-feuille in chocolate
I've made some more new Valentine's day cookies - but this time it's even smaller! Available now in the Seasonal menu
These cookies come in a set of 4 pieces
I've also updated the Bakery menu with these new doughnuts:

Pastel sprinkles and butterfly doughnuts
 And last but not least, a new update on the Swiss Roll in our Cakes menu
This is the first Swiss roll with a gooey filling. Iced with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with pastel sprinkles. YUMMY!!!!!
OK! What else? If you follow me on Facebook, you might already know that the Littlest Sweet Shop hired another new maid!

Naru and Maya. Both of them sitting on my dresser like good girls
Her name is Naru (based on the female protagonist from Love Hina) and she will be working alongside Maya at the Littlest Sweet Shop. I'm going to be extremely busy in the upcoming weeks since I have another big commission coming up! We need the extra pair of hands at the Sweet Shop.

I'm hoping for a good day this weekend so I can photograph Naru in action plus the new arrivals!

See you again next week!



  1. Oh my gosh!!! I looooove Napoleons! Your post has made me super hungry now XD

    I can't wait to see what this big commission work is!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hearher ;)
      If it makes you feel hungry, it means my miniatures are doing their job. I will definitely try to get some photos of the recent commission since it was dispatched out before I could take any photos