Thursday 16 May 2013

Coffee and Donuts


So somebody made the weather gods angry because there is snow falling in May! It's also inconvenient for me since I now rely on taking my pictures outdoors. I don't need to edit any photos now and the natural light really makes my miniatures look extra special. I managed to take these today and it's all about my new and improved donuts. The are listed in my 'Bakery' menu.

Donuts V2.0
Features new donuts using Tamiya deco sauce

New to the range - MINI donuts! What would you call them, miniature mini donuts?
Littlest Sweet Shop Donuts bar

As usual, a free window box. Terms and conditions apply
I made mugs for coffee. The 'coffee' is made using Solid Water
Donut boxes are used cute stripey designer paper.
In addition to this, I've also updated other menus with new gift box options (terms and conditions apply). It's usually free with a few orders but they are also listed individually with prices.

Biscuit gift boxes. Also great for the sweets pick'n mix
Window Box for French Pastries
Large handle box for Jelly and Bakery items
And last but not least, I have a new chocolate display in my sweet shop. It's really cute and features a new confectionery product - but I'll get into that more next time!
I hope you enjoyed this update. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

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