Wednesday 29 May 2013

May Day new arrivals


I've been missing for a week since I was away for a short break. It was a bank holiday last weekend and I went on a trip to the south of England. It was beautiful and sunny for at least 3 whole days! 

I'm back now to start working on a big commission and I've just updated the menu with a few new items. Besides that, I have also edited the pricing of my miniatures on the menu. Prices are just an estimate but it should give you a rough guide on how much my services would cost before you request a commission. 

New items in the Cake menu: 

Fruit cake slices

Available in all varieties

New items in the Sweets Boutique menu: 
Milk and dark chocolate bears
Here are some new packaging updates:
Display boxes now available for your miniature sweets

French pastries in a box
Right now I'm just waiting for my new doll to arrive and I can't wait to take pictures of her in the diorama. It was shipped quite recently so expect to see her in the next upcoming post!

Have a great mini week!

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