Thursday 8 November 2018

Commission update: 3 different jobs

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Just a short one tonight - an update on some current commissions that were dispatched in September & October. It's been a busy month for me since I spent a week in the south of England with my in-laws so there was a lot to catch up with.

I had 4 small commissions with ongoing Etsy orders. As you know I only post custom requests here on the website. Etsy is more like an online shop where you can purchase ready made miniatures that we already have in stock. You can commission an order via this website (by submitting the order form) or even by messaging me through Etsy, Instagram and Facebook. All commissions will be billed via Paypal so you are also getting Paypal buyer protection.

The first commission is for 1:3 scale items. I made 2 bubble teas and 3 Littlest Sweet Shop snacks in the bigger 1:3 scale. The green bubble tea is supposed to be melon flavour. I hope the Littlest Sweet Shopper in America will enjoy all of these goodies.
All 3 Littlest Sweet Shop snacks in 1:3 scale
Bubble tea in 1:3 scale
Another order came from a Littlest Sweet Shopper from Germany. She was doing a bar diorama scene in 1:6 scale and wanted a bowl of crisps that you get for free at a bar. I suggested to make small vacuum formed bowls that was already used for our take-away salad. She also ordered enough crisps and cheese snacks to fill up each bowl. Hopefully now the diorama is finally complete!
Littlest Sweet Shop vacuum formed bowls filled with snacks
Last but not least, an order for a new Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. She has been working on a German Christmas market stall and ordered a few of our German lebkuchen to display. She requested a custom Lebkuchenherzen with 'Omi' which means grandma in German. It's to honour her own Omi which I thought was very sweet. There were also newly made Elisenlebkuchen which are square and round shaped plain lebkuchen with almonds. Lebkuchen reminds me of Christmas so I will definitely be making more in the next update.
Various lebkuchen for client
Custom Lebkuchenherzen with 'Omi' which means grandma and simple leaf designs
That's all for tonight. I know there wasn't a new product update for October since I was away for a week and busy with commissions/Etsy sales but there will definitely be one for November. I want to try to update new products around middle of the month like I used to rather than rush it before the month ends like a marathon race (another explanation why there wasn't any for October). This month new items will include even more candy, box of chocolates (prepping early for Valentine's Day), Littlest Fast Food Happy Meal, more German lebkuchen and possible new packaging items for Christmas. I just had a very minor surgery done a few days ago so I'm still recovering and feeling sorry for myself but I am still motivated to bring in new cute miniatures by next week. Thank you for visiting Littlest Sweet Shop and remember to come back again for the new updates.


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