Thursday 22 November 2018

November new arrivals for Christmas

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!!

This month there are many new items that I've been developing since October but today we are only going to debut items for Christmas. I hope to debut the rest next week since November is starting to get dark and I really need natural light to capture the magic in Littlest Sweet Shop.

These are the Christmas items for 2018 (although I will be working on 3 new Gingerbread House designs leading up to Christmas). You can still commission them for your dolls' Christmas this year but do act quick!

The first new item is Lebkuchen, a German type of gingerbread that we usually buy during the holidays. In Littlest Sweet Shop we already have several lebkuchen products but now we have in addition 2 types, a standard one that you can get from supermarkets or a more traditional home-made. These were made especially for the season so you can find them in the 'Christmas' menu (other lebkuchen products are in the 'Cookie Shop' menu).
New 2018 lebkuchen
This store-bought type of Lebkuchen are big round pieces of biscuit which is frosted on one side and dipped in chocolate on the other side. Buy them loose per cookie or you could also purchase a pack of it, just like from the shops. There are 9 pieces in a sealed pack with both English and Japanese wording on the cardboard packaging. 
Packed and loose lebkuchen
Frosted on one side and dipped in chocolate on the other side
This type of lebkuchen is called Elisenlebkuchen and it features lebkuchen (round and square shapes) with 4 blanched almonds on top. A client requested it for her German Christmas stall and now it's also available in our shop.
Presenting new boxes for all of our Christmas treats! They are made using thick durable cardboard so your dolls can carry their treats using the handle. Also makes a great gift box so you don't have to wrap anything else, perfect for the season of giving.
Maya just bought a cake and some gingerbread cookies and had it packed in our new boxes.
The cake box is a Japanese style cake box with cute Santa Claus graphics. You can open it on either sides and there is also a window on top.
Opens on the sides to remove the cake more easily
Made to fit our Japanese style Christmas cake
These gift boxes are super versatile and can be used to carry smaller Christmas treats. The perfect gift for dolls with a sweet tooth!
Japanese wording on one side, English on the other side
This box is perfect for small Christmas treats
That's all for today. I am heading down to London this weekend for some Christmas shopping of my own but do come back next week as we debut the rest of the new items including Littlest Fast Food 'Fun Meal', wrapped peppermint candies, new Valentine's Day box of chocolates, packs of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Pieces, and juice boxes! 


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