Friday 5 October 2018

Etsy Christmas Store now OPEN!

Good morning Littlest Sweet Shoppers.

We are happy to announce that our Christmas Shop is finally live on Etsy! Please visit to purchase read-made products. This online shop is only opened once a year (until February 2019) and stocks are limited so take this advantage to purchase our products through the online check-out. 

Etsy Store

Naru's shopping cart is filled with 'essentials' made by Littlest Sweet Shop
Stuff for sale include Gingerbread Houses, whole cakes, cake slices, ice cream, Littlest Fast Food, Littlest Groceries and more!
I live in rural England which is lovely but doesn't have a post office. Even the post office in the nearest town shut down this summer! However we do have a mobile post office which comes to the village every Tuesday morning from 9am-10am. From now on, ALL commissions and Etsy sales will go out on Tuesday morning.  It takes me an hour to pack and label your packages so please order by Monday so that I can ship it the next morning. I really apologise that I can't dispatch items quickly anymore but I will try my best to deliver them if it is an urgent delivery.

Have fun shopping! Bye!

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