Sunday 30 September 2018

New Arrivals September: Packaged candy range and more Rainbow food!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers

September has passed us by so quickly! It may be the last day of the month but I think I managed to list quite a few things here today. There are still some which need photo taking so I will try my best to update them by next week.

I barricaded myself indoors these past few weeks and developed a new range of candy, complete with their packaging and displays. It has been a tremendous project and I worked really hard on this from designing the graphics on Adobe Illustrator to printing and assembling each miniature by hand. The reason I was rushing to finish off this project is because I knew that it would be the perfect miniature for Halloween.
Akiko loves shopping our selection of commercial sweets and treats
Each of the pre-packaged items are not meant to be opened but you can request an open pack and order the loose piece separately. Since I have created all of the artwork from scratch, you can also order them in 1:3 scale since I can just scale it up.
New Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures. Chocolate bars, bubble gum, packs of sweets and so much more
The first new item is 'Skittles' - the famous bite sized candy in fruit flavours like apple, orange, grape, lemon and orange. I managed to also model loose pieces of the fruit candy so they are completely uniform in size and 3D.
Bite-sized fruit candy loose pieces in 5 different flavours
Perfectly scaled and modelled for 1:6 scale dolls
All Littlest Sweet Shop products will have cute details even on the back!
M&Ms is probably the most famous pack of candy in the world. We don't offer the plain type but we made our own Peanut variant as it also happens to be my favourite.
Loose pieces comes in 6 colours
Have a pack of this candy as a treat when you are studying
The next one is for chocolate lovers. Smooth milk chocolate in a crisp chocolate shell - one of the most iconic pieces of candy.
Milk Chocolate balls
Another type of candy which is handy to have is a roll of mints. Loose pieces of the mint is also available with the tiniest hole in the middle.
Loose pieces of mint with tiny hole in the middle
Keep a roll of mint and gum handy in your doll's handbag
The last new piece of candy is a Japanese bubble gum from a company called Marukawa. It's the kind of gum which has a piece of temporary tattoo in every pack (but not available in miniature). It comes in Strawberry flavour although our Sweets Boutique also offers the loose pieces in any flavour you want. 
Japanese style strawberry bubble gum
You can also order an unwrapped piece with the foil, gum and paper
The only items missing are the Pop Rocks and 'Snickers'. I have only made the packaging, not the miniature loose pieces so hopefully it will be on the website by next month. If you are interested in ordering it first, let me know as it is available to commission.

All of the new candy is listed in our Sweets Boutique and we opened a new menu Chocolatier to separate chocolate products from the Sweets Boutique. 

There are also display boxes for each type of candy. Each display can be customised to fit your order but there will be a minimum size per box. Use these boxes to create your own candy aisle in a miniature supermarket. 
Display boxes so your dolls can see clearly what is on sale
There are 2 types of display boxes. The plain open box is the most basic box and available for smaller types of candy. The sides will have a cute graphic so it will be perfect to display on a counter top.
Details on the open boxes are cute graphics so you can display them with clear labels for each product
Boxes can be resized to fit your order. However there will be a minimum size
The other type of display is the premium type. It is larger and designed for bigger packages of candy. The display also have nice details printed on the sides and can be customised according to your order. 
Premium display boxes
Cute details on every box
I also designed a premium display box for our Bear Lollipops. This is made to fit 16 Bear Lollipops. 
This is a bigger display but required to display the chocolate bears individually
Combine all our different types of candy display to create your own sweet shop
Packs of Oreo cookies are now available in the Groceries menu (loose pieces available in the Cookie Shop menu). The package is also not designed to be opened but you can request an opened one with loose Oreo pieces. 
Mix and match items for your shop shelf
Now you have everything to create your perfect miniature store
This rainbow shaped cake is huge and makes a very cute centrepiece for any occasion. It is now available in our Cakes menu. The frosting and icing layers are made from a different modelling materials to make it look more realistic and delicious. The cake layers are brightly coloured but also look soft and airy. The top icing looks light and fluffy. It is decorated with rainbow dot sprinkles.
Decorated with rainbow dot sprinkles
6 layers of cream and cake. Realistic looking cream
Last but not least is version 2 of our Rainbow Bagel from the Bread menu. Version 1 followed the colours of the original Rainbow Bagel from America but I prefer these colours instead. They are also modelled like how they are made in Japan.

Rainbow bagel is perfect with coffee
That's all for now. I am currently doing a small commission and will be busy listing new items on Etsy next week for our Christmas shop. There will be a lot of new listings for ready made miniatures (limited amounts) so make sure you act fast! 

After that I will list the Snickers and Pop Rocks miniatures on the website and hopefully have the chance to take photos of the new dollhouse. I wanted to take photos of the house in the garden but it was so cold and windy that it had to be postponed to next month! I really wanted to show you my new dollhouse as soon as it was finished and if you followed me on social media there have been some sneak peaks.

There will also be a new YouTube tutorial where you can learn how to sculpt hollow Jack O' Lantern style pumpkins just in time for Halloween. OMG I am so busy this whole month of October! YIKES!


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