Monday 15 October 2018

New 1:12 scale Dolls House 'Pink Tudor'

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers!!

I'm pleased to finally introduce you to my new 1:12 scale dolls house. The name is Pink Tudor and it is the home of Kokomi-chan. It is all plywood (except for the roof shingles) and came from a Greenleaf kit. This model is called Glencroft and it has so many wonderful details like a curved gable roof and winding staircase.

There are 4 rooms, a chimney and a front yard complete with white picket fences. The windows are printed silk screens and I glued thousands of small wooden shingles for the roof. It took a year to build this dollhouse but I will talk about the LONG PROCESS in another blog post next week.
'Pink Tudor' home of Kokomi-chan
Matte brown trim. White picket fences
The gate was the only thing I managed to hinge so it can open and close

Right Bay window
Terracotta chimney made from polymer clay and air dry clay
Front bay window
Flower box on the kitchen window
Dolls house grass
So much detail and character
All angles of the house look photogenic and I could finally photograph my Mimo carnival snacks collection with a nice background. The front yard is also detachable so the house can stand on its own without it.
Mimo carnival street food stands
Cotton Candy stand
Popcorn stand
Kokomi-chan, resident of Pink Tudor
Enjoying a rainbow scoop from Littlest Sweet Shop
Like most American designed dollhouses, it is a back opening style. In the UK it is more common to see dollhouses where you can open the front of the house to reveal the inside. It still hasn't been fully furnished yet and that would be an ongoing project. I'm quite particular about the type of furniture I want so it will take time to hunt down the perfect pieces and furnishings.
Inside Pink Tudor. 4 large rooms still unfurnished
The kitchen is the only room with some furniture since they were bits and bobs I had lying around. Currently I am also keeping any 1:12 scale miniatures in this dollhouse just to keep them separate from the 1:6 scale stuff.
Kitchen. All beams are painted in glossy chocolate (including beams in living room and outside)
Bedroom. Has a seat by the bay window and a fireplace.
Winding staircase. Connecting the bedroom to the living room
Living room with bay window, shelf, bookcase, and fireplace. 
Pink vintage style fridge and German cooker from Schopper (the doors actually open and close!)
Kitchen bay window with some handmade items by Littlest Sweet Shop
I will be updating the blog with any additional updates when I start adding furniture into the house. Please continue to follow my journey into this wonderful new project by following Littlest Sweet Shop on Instagram where you will find my daily 'stories'. Visit again next week when I reveal how I built this dolls house from sheets of pre-cut wood. 


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