Friday 31 August 2018

New 'Tiny Little Doughnuts' range for 1:6 AND 1:12 scale!!

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It's a miracle to finally be able to post again after a whole summer of building a new dolls' house and having house guests. At first I wanted this month's post to be an exclusive 1:12 scale feature with 1:12 scale new food and also to premier the new 1:12 scale doll's house. However the doll's house still needs the front yard to be built so it will debut on our website next month instead.

Today's entry is still a special one since I will introduce you to our new Littlest Sweet Shop girl. Her name is Kokomi-chan and unlike the other girls, she's the only one in 1:12 scale! We never had a model for the 1:12 scale miniatures but now we do and I'm glad since I don't really like using my fingers or hands as a scale reference (because I have small hands and fingers).

I started out to create 23 new doughnut varieties in 1:12 scale and ended up creating new branding for the whole doughnut range. My husband got me a printer a year ago and I have been meaning to create more packaging for the miniatures so it will look even more realistic. 'Tiny Little Doughnuts' is our own exclusive brand which also includes take-away boxes and coffee cups to complete your doughnut order.
Our full range of 'Tiny Little Doughnuts'
Kokomi-chan will do the honours of introducing you to the new 1:12 scale range. She's only 14cm tall and can fit on my palm. She's an Azone doll from the Ex-Cute range (in Japanese it means extra cute). I got her for my birthday since I don't really buy many dolls but she's the first one in 1:12 scale that I really liked. Plus I was building a 1:12 scale doll's house so I knew that I had to get a resident for the new home. 
Kokomi-chan with a box of half-dozen doughnuts in 1:12 scale
We have made a total of 23 new doughnuts in 1:12 scale! Of course the designs are also available in 1:6 scale
The 1:12 scale doughnuts also works as a mini doughnut in 1:6 scale. Maya is enjoying a chocolate chip Puffy-O doughnut with coffee. Puffy O-s are light and fluffy baked doughnuts which comes in a mini size from a Japanese bakery called Komugi. 
1:12 scale sized doughnuts work as a mini doughnut in 1:6 scale
Puffy-Os. Light and fluffy doughnuts which are baked, not fried. Available in Strawberry, Chocolate-chip, Chocolate, Plain and Green Tea
1:12 scale doughnuts are really tiny! However we add in a lot of details to make them look yummy. Strawberry glaze and Rainbow ombré doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Left)Peanut coated chocolate doughnut, Original glazed doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Right)Rainbow stripes, Jam doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Left)Chocolate and plain 'Old-fashioned' doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Right)Birthday cake, 'Feathered' doughnuts in 1:12 scale 
(Left)The Simpsons special, Cookies'n Cream doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Right)Caramel-filled and Chocolate ring with nuts in 1:12 scale 
(Left)Neapolitan Cruller sandwich and Neapolitan Pon-de-ring doughnuts in 1:12 scale
(Right) Mint chocolate and Double chocolate doughnuts in 1:12 scale
Kokomi-chan is enjoying a lot of yummy doughnuts
You can now order boxes to take-away the doughnuts you ordered. The half-dozen box comes in 2 sizes. The left one can fit normal sized doughnuts and the right one can fit up to 6 old-fashioned style doughnuts (it is a slightly bigger box)
Our boxes are perfectly made to scale with tiny readable fonts
Our 1:6 scale doughnuts have always been a best-seller but now you can even purchase exclusive  take-away boxes for them. We have two types of boxes - a box for half-dozen doughnuts and a box for a dozen doughnuts which also comes with a window. 
Naru will select which doughnuts that you would like to fill up the dozen box
The window is made from clear film
1:6 scale boxes have logos on the side of the boxes as well which are clear and readable
If you are ordering 6 doughnuts instead, we have boxes for that too
The half dozen box is smaller than the dozen box and does not come with a window
Select your doughnuts for takeaway
Remember that we have a huge selection of doughnuts including animal doughnuts and mini doughnuts from the 1:12 scale range
Doughnuts go really well with coffee, doesn't it? Why not complete your doughnut order with some take-away coffee from us? You can order empty paper cups for your cafe diorama or have it filled with realistic looking coffee or tea. You can also have cups with just the lids glued on or removable lids to see what your dolls are drinking. It is only available in 1:6 scale.
Our complete coffee range
The girls will write down your order on the side of the cup. We love the small details
Left to Right: Tea, Coffee with milk, Black Coffee
Sometimes your doll is in a hurry and would only like one doughnut and a coffee. The tiny paper-bag is made to fit a single doughnut. It is also small enough to fit 1:12 scale.
Maya is having a doughnut and coffee to-go!
Also fits 1:12 scale
Bags can be flattened for convenince
Last but not least, we also offer small serving trays for doughnut holes or just to serve 1:12 scale doughnuts.
Serving tray with 3 Chocolate Chip Puffy-Os 
The tray can fit up to 6 1:6 scale doughnut holes or 3 1:12 scale doughnuts
Okay that's all for today. Next month hopefully we are back to release a bunch of new miniatures since I finally have the time to develop them. Halloween is only 2 months away so I may create more new miniature sweets and candy. 

Do join me again next week where I will finally debut the new doll's house and why it took a whole year to complete. 


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