Sunday 8 April 2018

Commission update: Various miniatures 1:6 and 1:12 scale

Hi Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Time for another commission update with new miniatures that I have made in 1:12 scale. Our favourite client from America has ordered her usual mix of 1:6 and 1:12 scale items from us.
Commissioned 1:6 scale miniatures
Commissioned 1:12 scale miniatures
The 1:6 scale items include various doughnuts, frozen yogurt, fast food, our best-selling Gummy Bears, deco-roll cakes, and purins (Japanese pudding).
Glazed doughnuts and 2 frozen yogurts
Selection of Littlest Fast Food including a set of chicken nuggets, condiments, burger and 2 sodas (without lid and cover)
Our best-selling Gummy Bears which are squishy and crystal coloured
Pastel and pink stripe deco-roll cakes
Strawberry and caramel purin with lids
Some items were ordered in 1:12 scale and you can see how tiny they are compared to the tip of my finger!
1:12 scale cheeseburger
1:12 scale Pain au chocolat (2018 design)
1:12 scale cocktail sausages
1:12 scale hash browns
1:12 scale Graham crackers
1:12 scale Jawbreakers candy
That was her order from us and we are so pleased that she loves them all. We value loyal customers and will always try our best to keep them happy. 
I just finished yet another big commission so I can finally work on another YouTube tutorial this week. Commissions are now closed until I get back from my holiday in June but shoot me an order request for a free quote. In the next few weeks I am working on content for Sculpey (I'm one of their designers) and launching the new items for April. I will be away for the whole month of May so the next new arrivals will be a big one!


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