Thursday 22 March 2018

New arrivals for March: 1:3 scale Littlest Fast Food (commissioned)

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here is a 1:3 scale commission update. A Smart Doll owner in America wanted the Littlest Fast Food miniature made for the doll so we scaled up the range to twice the original size. Since this is the first time that we made the Fast Food in 1:3 scale, it is also our new products for this month.
Commissioned 1:3 scale food for a Smart Doll
The 1:3 scale version is made almost identical to the original miniature version. We used polymer clay for the food so it is more durable and printed the packaging and boxes on a thicker paper.
Each food item comes loose in the boxes for more play value. The burger boxes are sold separately so you can always order just the boxes.
The hamburgers somehow look so much more edible in this scale, probably since it is double the size so you can actually see the detail of the glossy wet ketchup.
1:3 scale Littlest Fast Food burgers
Just like in the miniature version, you can order the food with bites taken off it. The client ordered the hamburger with a first bite. Check out the details of the bread and meat texture since it is so much clearer in this scale.
Burger with a first bite
1:3 scale hamburger with cheese, ketchup, beef patty, lettuce and mustard
Chicken burger in 1:3 scale. A special cutter was 3D printed to cut out the shape of the bun
Process of eating a burger!
1:3 scale Apple Pies with packaging
Apple Pie with a first bite. The apple filling with apple sauce looks so yummy!
The 1:3 scale milkshakes come in big plastic cups so your dolls will have more to quench their thirst! The lid has been vacuum formed and hand-made to look like the real thing.
1:3 scale milkshakes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours
Removable lid
The fries and curly fries do not come fixed/glued to the box so your dolls can eat a piece at a time. We also vacuum formed a little plastic condiment tray so you can have them dipped in ketchup.
1:3 scale French Fries and Curly Fries
French fry dipped in Ketchup in our own handmade plastic tray
For those of you wondering about the size of 1:3 scale, here is a comparison between the different burger sizes. Please note that not all of our miniatures are available in other scales (we mainly focus on 1:6 scale) so do check the description on each item for the availability. For example the hamburger is not available in 1:12 scale but we can do a Cheese Burger in 1:12 since it doesn't have sesame seeds on the bun. 
Burger size comparison
That is all the new items for March. All of the other new miniatures will be launched in April but it will be a good one consisting the updated 2018 sculpts for cupcakes and ice cream cones. There will also be new 1:12 scale cupcakes, new tableware, chocolates, groceries and so much more. In May I will be taking another 1 month vacation in Asia where I will learn how to make miniature Malaysian food and most probably spend most of my weeks chilling by a swimming pool. Me and my husband take a big holiday to Asia once a year and hopefully next year we will be going to Japan again for a month. Littlest Sweet Shop may be closed in May but Sculpey will be publishing my exclusive tutorials and blogs when we are on holiday. More information on being Sculpey's Blogger of the Month very soon. 


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