Wednesday 18 April 2018

Exclusive Littlest Sweet Shop collection for TFS

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Our only distributor, Tiny Frock Shop has just been re-stocked with 7 new sets from us. They sell out quickly since there are only 1 of each set so make sure you take the opportunity to purchase Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures at a discounted price. Tiny Frock Shop is based in America so it is extra convenient for our American customers. Shop now at:

Scream for Ice Cream
You get everything on the table including a plate and 1 ice cream stand. There are so many varieties of ice cream cones and there is even an ice cream cake! This set is perfect for summer and will feed many dolls. 
Scream for Ice Cream set

Candy Candy
If you were thinking about opening your own Candy Store, this set will be a good place to start. There are so many tiny pieces of handmade sweets and even a large gumball machine to decorate a small sweet shop. 
Candy Candy set

Cake Selection
A selection of our signature cakes with something for everyone. Comes with a cat shaped plate. Cupcakes are colourful and fun but you also get elegant chocolate dome cakes.
Cake selection set
So hungry!
This set is perfect if your dolls are always peckish and can only be satisfied with a proper filling meal. Pancakes for breakfast, fast food for lunch, sandwich or doughnuts for an afternoon snack, ice cream for dessert and spaghetti Bolognese for dinner,
So hungry! set

Pastries Selection
Perhaps you prefer to have a large set of pastries instead so your dolls can have endless tea parties in the garden during the summer.
Pastries Selection set

Kitchen Staples
Re-stock your miniature kitchen with these delicious food. Your dolls can snack on the various goodies like ice cream and doughnuts. 
Kitchen Staples set

Seasonal Goods
Celebrate not just one but several different events with this exclusive set. There are miniatures for Halloween and even Christmas.
Seasonal Goods set
Our Etsy store will be closed next week so place your orders by end of this week or you will have to wait until the store re-opens back in June. Commissions are still closed for now but remember that you can still request a quote from me and I will try to get back to you ASAP even when I am away on holiday.

Still lots to do before I am on vacation for a whole month (May) so expect a new YouTube tutorial video and brand new miniatures by next week.


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