Thursday 15 December 2016

Commission(s) update! 1/12 and 1/3 scale orders

Hi Littlest Sweet Shoppers!
Here are some recent commissions that kept me busy throughout October and November.

First was a custom order for 1/3 scale drinks. This Iced Coffee comes with a ewmovable lid and green straw using a plastic cup with excellent clarity so you can see what is inside. The lid was made using a bespoke mould and the vacuum forming machine. I was really happy on how the lid came out so I do hope the Littlest Sweet Shopper from England will like it as well.
Iced Coffee in 1/3 scale
I knew there had to be lots of little ice cubes in the coffee just like they do in coffee joints. There is even melted ice that floats on the top for full effect.
Lots of small pieces of ice floating on top
Melted ice for realism
She also ordered a Strawberry Bubble Tea with whipped cream and strawberry. You can also find both drinks listed in our 1/3 scale menu.
Strawberry bubble tea in 1/3 scale
Next commission was for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in France. The order was for various Pick'n Mix sweets in 1/12 scale.
1:12 scale miniature sweets. Marshmallows, Toffee humbugs and Jelly Beans 
 She also ordered a batch of our best-selling chocolate bears.
1:6 scale chocolate bears
Another Littlest Sweet Shopper in England (also a repeat customer) ordered very tiny cupcakes. They are so tiny so that they can be made into plugs. The measurements are 8.5mm tall and 2mm thick which officially makes it the Littlest Cupcakes that I have ever made.
Cupcakes 8.5mm tall and 2mm thick
That's all for now. I have a very exciting new line-up to debut next week just before the long holidays. Make sure you visit us again to find out more!

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