Wednesday 30 November 2016

New Arrivals for November - Ispahan, Palmiers, chewing gum, hash browns, and more!

Hi Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here are some new arrivals for November! I have been super busy with holidays and commissions so it is a miracle that I managed to create some new miniatures (and managed to list them on the last day of November!). 
November new arrivals
Since my Paris vacation last month, I have obsessed about making more authentic French pastries. Everyday in Paris I would have a savoury pastry and then a sweet pastry. My favourite was the palmiers from Paul and all the pretty sweets from Ladurée. All of the updated French Pastries are now available from the Pâtisserie menu.
French pastries, new and updated
Littlest Sweet Shop had always sold macarons but it was only in Paris that I realise the macarons I was making was in a mini size because a standard macaron is actually bigger (in the U.K I have only seen the mini ones as well). So the macarons have been updated (this is probably version 4) to a more standard size but with pretty new unicorn colours.  
New standard macarons in pink and baby blue ombré. With a pearl sparkly filling
Next update is the Ispahan. Now we have individual Ispahan and a bigger Ispahan to serve up to 8 dolls!
Littlest Sweet Shop Ispahan range. Biscuit macaron à la rose, crème aux pétales de roses, framboises entières. Comes with gold serving disc. Decorated with rose petals and more raspberries
The individual Ispahan is made up from a smaller meringue biscuit with fresh raspberries and cream. It is topped by a single raspberry and rose petal. It also comes with a gold disc to serve.
Single Ispahan
The bigger Ispahan is made from a big meringue biscuit with raspberries and cream. It is decorated with more rose petals and 2 raspberries on top. It will also come with a gold disc to serve. This beautiful pastry is perfect for a tea party with 8-10 dolls.
Ispahan with 8 servings 
The final Ispahan is a special edition for Valentine's Day. You can find it in the Valentine's Day section in the Seasonal menu. Instead of raspberries, the Valentine's Day edition come with fresh strawberries and cream sandwiched between a heart shaped meringue biscuit. It is decorated with a large red bow. 
Valentine's Day edition Ispahan
I have just made 'Palmiers' for August but in Paris I found out that Palmiers were actually quite big and the 'Palmiers' I made previously (which is smaller in size) are actually called Arlettes. I have now rectified the mistake and placed the Arlettes in the Cookie Shop menu and these are the proper Palmiers that is listed in the Pâtisserie
Large flaky pastry with many buttery layers and coated in sugar
Our next new item is hash browns that are now available in the Breakfast menu. It is part of our fry-up selection so you can mix and match them with other items to create the perfect breakfast. The hash browns are made from the best potatoes so you get a tasty and crispy hash brown. 
Hash browns, sausages, sunny-side-up eggs, fried streaky bacon and bread from Littlest Sweet Shop
Mix and match with other items from the Breakfast menu
Hash browns from Littlest Sweet Shop are deep-fried and crispy on the outside
Close-up fry-up breakfast from Littlest Sweet Shop
As a Sweet Shop we have the responsibility to make and create new candy. This month we have a new selection for the Pick'n Mix - strawberry chewing gum. Of course you can also order the chewing gum in other flavours. Find it now in our Sweets Boutique menu.
Strawberry chewing gum
Finally, our new arrivals are for the Winter season. The 'Frozen' cake and cupcakes come in pretty light blue and turquoise colours with some sparkly details. Both are listed in the Seasonal menu in the Christmas section.
'Frozen' themed cake and cupcakes perfect for the holidays
'Frozen' cake with snowflake details
'Frozen' cupcakes
That's all for today. I am currently trying recreate Japanese style Christmas cakes and more new items for December. Please come and visit us again and remember to enter our Kawaii Box giveaway.
Maya loves the new Palmier. All of our items are made to fit 1/6 doll scale (unless specified). 
See you soon! Bye!