Wednesday 9 November 2016

Commission and Activity update

Good morning Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here is a commission for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. It is a very special commission since the order is for 1/12 scale (dollhouse miniature scale) food. Even though most of our products are made in 1/6 scale, we can also make selected items in 1/12 scale. Please ask if you are not sure!

We used a 1 penny coin (British currency) and my own hands to show the scale. 

One of the item is for a custom jar of rainbow puff balls! I had to roll hundreds of tiny balls to fill up the jar but aren't they cute? Some items such as the 1/6 scale Mermaid Seashell, Mini marshmallows and Heart Fruit drops. These sweets are small enough to be applicable in 1/12 scale.
1/12 scale sweets and candy. Mermaid seashell, heart fruit drops and mini marshmallows are in 1/6 scale
1/12 scale onion rings
1:12 scale ice box cookies
1:12 Rainbow pound cake
1:12 Stollen cake
1:12 scale Candy cane trees
1:12 scale brownies in various designs
Marble cake, Halloween and Valentine's Day pounds cake slices in 1:12 scale
1:12 scale sliced bread
1:12 scale chicken and beef taco
1:12 scale Swiss roll cake slices
The order also included some 1/6 scale items:
1:6 scale salad in take-away container
Various 1/6 scale sweets and treats
I also conducted a workshop for a group called Anglian Miniaturists. I designed and taught them how to make realistic stone/brick surfaces and even tiling for dolls houses and dioramas. I'm glad everyone had a go and created their own unique surface to decorate their projects.

Here is some work I produced for the workshop.
Realistic terracotta brick surface using polymer clay and weathering techniques
Realistic stone wall
Tiled surface
Plenty of new upcoming projects is lined up for the next few weeks so come visit us again - we are always here!


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