Tuesday 18 October 2016

New arrivals for October including new Halloween treats, mini Jelly cups, rainbow bagels and more!

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Halloween is just around the corner and don't forget to visit Littlest Sweet Shop because we have tons of awesome treats and sweets.
Halloween at Littlest Sweet Shop
Our Halloween new arrivals are now listed in the Seasonal menu. This newest and biggest item for Halloween is made entirely out of chocolate(polymer clay) and candy(polymer clay) on thick gingerbread. The Haunted Gingerbread House did take me forever to make but I'm quite happy with how it turned out, especially when it was like freestyle modelling. It is completely hallow so you can actually insert a light source into it and make the windows illuminate creepily. 

The windows are supposed to be candy 'stained glass' and it does look like a very clear and transparent candy melt. I'm planning to do this with upcoming Christmas gingerbread houses as well.  
Haunted Gingerbread House. You can illuminate the house by inserting a light source into the house. Candy 'stained glass' windows will let the light through giving it a spooky feel. The perfect centrepiece in your Halloween party. The house itself is made out of gingerbread.
Orange and chocolate button roof, wafer windows, candy detailing everywhere.
Complete the spooky look with our ghost figures and chocolate trees
Porch made out of candy corn, candy and icing.
Cute Halloween greeting on the back
Buy candy from our Sweets Boutique to complete your Halloween party. We have a wide variety of chocolate and sweets in the shop.
To complete the spooky house, you can also buy chocolate trees and ghost figures from us. The chocolate trees come in dark or milk chocolate.
Chocolate trees
Mini Ghost figures
We already have dozens of items for Halloween just like this pound cake (but with a different style frosting) so make sure you order everything you need for Halloween from Littlest Sweet Shop.
Halloween pound cake with chocolate frosting and Halloween sprinkles.
May we also suggest new toffee from our Sweets Boutique menu for Trick or Treaters? Grab some toffee with some other sweets from the wide Pick'n mix selection
Toffee, our new Pick'n Mix selection from the Sweets Boutique menu.
New arrivals for October
Handmade and hand-crafted miniature food
The next new arrival is an update to our New York bagel in the Bakery menu. We shaped it slightly differently now and we hope you like it! You can serve bagels for breakfast, brunch, or even supper. It is highly versatile since you can put sweet or savoury fillings into a bagel sandwich. There are 3 varieties to choose from.
Bagels from Littlest Sweet Shop
Poppy seed bagel
Sesame seed bagel
Plain bagel
Our next update is the pie. We now use a more shallow and larger diameter pie dish so we can fit in more juicy details into each item! Available now in the Bakery menu. 
Cherry pie with a piece taken out
New pie - Maple Pecan pie
Our last new Bakery item is the rainbow bagel. This bagel is served with cake frosting and rainbow sprinkle filling so it is like having dessert for breakfast. The rainbow colours are so bright and psychedelic, isn't it?
Rainbow bagels. Can be ordered whole (uncut) or with filling
Rainbow bagel sandwich with cake frosting
Another update is to create a new Belgian Waffle. They are now smaller and crispier on the outside. Buy it now from the Breakfast menu. You can also have it dipped whole in chocolate.
Plain and chocolate covered Belgian waffles.
The Brunch menu has been renamed to 'Brunch and Snacks' because we are adding more new items like this into the menu.
These are just plain tortilla chips for now but we will add some nacho cheese in upcoming releases. We even made the take-out container using a vacuum forming machine. The plastic is thin, bendy and transparent just like real ones to give it a very real look and feel. Container is sold separately.
(plain) Tortilla chips in Littlest Sweet Shop takeaway container
Littlest Sweet Shop's handmade take-out container
This rainbow cake is from our Victoria Cake selection in the Cakes menu. A 6 layer nude cake with hand-made sprinkles on top.
Rainbow Victoria sponge cake with hand-made rainbow sprinkles
We continued to make more new containers using the vacuum machine and made these 2 new mini dessert containers. They were perfect for jelly(Jell-O) and pudding so we made 2 new items for the Jelly / Gelatine menu.

Purin is a popular Japanese dessert which is basically Crème caramel. The caramel sits at the bottom of the pudding. There is also a Strawberry edition. The Purin comes uncovered so you can serve it immediately. You can also order a lid if you wish to keep it in the fridge or take it to a picnic. They also make great bento / lunch box items.  
Strawberry Purin ready to eat. 
Purin with transparent plastic lids.
These mini Jelly / Jell-O cups is made from realistic and clear looking gelatine. It is also wobbly like the real thing! 
They all come with a tiny icing and each flavour comes with different fruit and nata de coco filling inside. The tiny fruits include cubed mango, lychees, cherries, blueberries, strawberry slices and more! 
Littlest Sweet Shop Mini Jelly cups
Each jelly flavour comes with different fruits inside.
Our last new arrivals comes in a set of 3 cupcakes. You can now order these Rainbow Icing cupcakes from the Cupcakes menu. Each cupcake has 2 icing colours.
Rainbow Icing cupcakes
I'm glad that's all stocked up in our shop. I will be on vacation in Paris for a whole week and coming back to teach a class for Anglian Miniaturists on 1st of November so I hope I am able to create some new Christmas items in between this busy period!
Please come back again next month to see what we are up to at Littlest Sweet Shop.


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