Friday 7 October 2016

Commission update: Traditional Christmas dinner and all-new products!

Hello Littlest Shoppers!

Here is a big order that was commissioned for a museum in America! The theme was "Christmas at home" and I made some new items for them that you can also order from the 'Seasonal' menu.

I thought some of these items were also relevant for Thanksgiving so I decided to post it today so you can order them in time for the holidays.

They basically wanted me to create a menu that goes with the theme and I thought about my own Christmas dinners (which I have to cook every year) and basically created similar miniatures. I also made our signature Christmas sweets and treats and made sure they all looked 'home-made'.
Christmas dinner at home with Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures
Dining room in the dolls house
The main item on the Christmas dinner menu is the Christmas Roast Turkey with stuffing. This huge bird is enough to feed 8 dolls! You can also order chicken instead if you are feeding only 4-6 dolls.
Realistic roast turkey
There are some sides to serve and eat with the delicious turkey. We made roasted carrots, roasted parsnips, roast potatoes with herbs, dinner rolls, and even a jug of gravy!
Roast carrots
Roast potatoes with herbs
Dinner rolls and roast parsnips
On the dessert table, we made Christmas pudding, Pumpkin pie (individual slices) with whipped cream, Gingerbread men, candy canes, and mini minced pies.
Christmas dessert table
Pumpkin pie slice with whipped cream
Christmas pudding, candy cane and Christmas cracker
Maya serving up the turkey
That's all for today. I have to do a short trip to London this weekend and I'm off to Paris for a whole week on the last week of October. Hopefully I can list more new things before I go on vacation. Stay around for that!


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