Friday 19 August 2016

New arrivals - Wedding cake, Whoopie Pies, Iced soda beverage and more!!

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I've been working really hard these past few weeks to come up with a lot of new miniatures. These are just half of it but I will try to list them all up in the shop ASAP!!
Mid-August new arrivals
I have been neglecting the Wedding menu so I dedicated a whole week to complete this wedding cake. Plenty of hours (and patience) was crucial in making over 200 super tiny petals for the small peony flowers. The whole cake (including the flower on top) is only 45mm tall so it should also be applicable in 1:12 scale. 

The lace trim is all gold and the peonies are hand-made in pink and peach colours. We gave our Instagram followers a video preview of the cake and received more than 50,000 views! 
Peony wedding cake
Peony flower detail. Gold lace trim

Whoopie Pies are small cakes with cream sandwiched inside. I used to make this all the time since I was too lazy to bake for just the two of us so I wanted to make something easy. I chilled the milk before whipping it to achieve a very delicious cool cream. 

Miniature version comes in 3 different flavours and customised orders are always welcomed. Available now in the Cakes menu.
Red Velvet, Vanilla and chocolate, Chocolate and mint Whoopie Pies
Mini cakes with cream sandwiches
Moving on, we have updated the Bakery menu with some filled doughnuts.
Jam, chocolate and custard filled doughnuts. Dusted in powdered sugar
Hazelnut chocolate, Strawberry milk and 'Feathered' doughnuts
We have a new beverage on our menu with our own Littlest Sweet Shop handmade take-away cup! I used vacuum forming technology to shape the cup and lid. It has absolutely perfect transparency just like the real cup.

This Blue Hawaiian drink comes with the straw and even ice. Deliciously icy and cool! Find it in our Beverages menu.
Littlest Sweet Shop's Blue Hawaiian. Comes with cup, lid, straw and ice
This is what we Brits call a 'tea biscuit' which is a very common biscuit served with tea. They are thin, light and crispy but not tiny so your dolls can dunk it into the tea. You can buy them from our Cookie Shop
Popular afternoon tea biscuit in England. Ours with the 'LSS' logo
We just listed 2 types of new bread in the Bakery menu. The first one is a savoury favourite that can be eaten at any day making it the perfect snack! The Pretzel Dog is literally a hot dog wrapped in pretzel dough and baked until crispy in the outside. We recommend serving them piping hot.
Pretzel Dogs
The last new item in the Bakery is Sugar Twists. Soft bread twists baked until golden and coated in sugar.  

Sugar Twists
Don't forget to enter our Miniature give-away by tonight on Instagram and Facebook. We have never done a Littlest Sweet Shop give-away before so don't miss this opportunity! Quick, ends tomorrow!


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