Monday 1 August 2016

August new arrivals! French Cruller, Japanese bread, Ice-box cookies, and more!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We have been baking a lot recently to create only the cutest miniatures. We made new doughnuts, cake, bread, cookies and pastries that are too cute to eat!
We baked tons of new stuff for August! Available now
I have always wanted to expand the Japanese menu with more items so I created 3 new types of Japanese bread. We only used the best 'ingredients' to offer you the most realistic and authentic Japanese bread miniatures. 
パンJapanese bread by Littlest Sweet Shop
チョココロネとクリムコロネChocolate Cornet and Cream Cornet is a light and puffy sweet bread filled with chocolate or cream.
チョココロネとクリムコロネCornet filled with chocolate or cream
Amazing pattern detail - just like the real thing!
Harumi's favourite new item is the chocolate cornet
メロンパンMelon Bread is made with a thick crispy and crusty top layer just like the real thing. Inside is a soft and fluffy sweet bread.
メロンパンMelon Bread. Crispy and crusty top sugary layer
Here are some かめメロンパンKame Melon Bread. They have been infused with some Green Tea powder for a hint of matcha flavour. Each turtle is given a big smiley face painted in chocolate. 
かめメロンパンKame Melon Bread
Our next new item are these tiny pieces of Ice-Box cookies / Slice and Bake cookies. Each cookie is made from a dough cane that had been frozen slightly. It is easy to slice the cookie dough when it is frozen. The cookies are dense but crispy. They are now available in our Cookie Shop
Ice-box cookies / Slice and back cookies selection by Littlest Sweet Shop
Minimum order of 8 pieces.
Vanilla and chocolate cookies. Available in Swirl, marble and Chequerboard pattern
Watermelon and Rainbow cookies
Pre-packaged cookies
Cookies should be served with a glass of cold milk
Rainbow drip cake is made with cute and sweet colours topped with star icing. Now available in the Cakes menu.
Rainbow drizzle cake
You can now find French Cruller and Pon De Ring doughnuts in our Bakery menu. These type of doughnuts are usually sandwiched with cream and comes in chocolate as well. You can order them with sugar or chocolate glaze. 
Pon De Ring doughnuts with cream sandwich
Various French Cruller filled with cream
Our last new arrivals is perfect for tea time. Get a variety of pastries to serve with afternoon tea and use only your best China. All available now in the Bakery menu.
Enjoy tea time with Littlest Sweet Shop sweets
These fruit Danishes are made extra sweet with a layer of fruit syrup and real fruits. Each Danish pastry have plenty of light and crispy layers.
Cherry and Blueberry Danish pastries. Crispy and light layers of pastry
We used a new recipe for our Fruit Tart since we always believe in improving our products. The new strawberry and rasberry tart has been updated with light and foamy whipped cream. Each tart case is filled with custard before adding real fruits. Mini tarts are also available.
Strawberries, raspberries and cream tart. Mini Strawberry and cream tart.
Last but not least, we updated the recipe of our Palmiers. This time each palmier is even thinner and smaller but with the same amount of crispy layers. Each Palmier is coated in sugar.
Palmiers. Crispy thin layers of puff pastry. Coated in sugar
That's all the new items for now! Announcement for the first Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures giveaway is coming up this week so stick around!


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