Sunday, 7 August 2016

1000 Instagram Followers and Facebook likes Give-away

We are so happy to reach 1000 followers and likes on our social media platforms. We are only a small business in England so we use social media to advertise and promote Littlest Sweet Shop. 

The give-away is only available through our Facebook and Instagram network. If you are already with us, all you need to do is like and share the photo (via Facebook / Instagram) between now and 20th August 2016.

There will be 2 sets of prizes, one for a Facebook winner and one for an Instagram winner. Winner can only win one of the sets but can enter both give-aways to increase odds of winning.

Prizes are in 1/6 scale.

Winner must also be a Littlest Sweet Shopper (either follow us on Facebook / Instagram) and selected randomly.

Open to worldwide residents, we ship from the U.K.

Participate now!
Visit our Instagram page at
Facebook give-away
Facebook winner will receive:
Swiss Roll cake
Pumpkin Pie
Poppy Seed Bagel
Sesame Seed Bagel

Instagram give-away
Instagram winner will receive:
Farmhouse Loaf
Chocolate Cornet (Japanese)
Strawberry Tart
Sesame Bagel
Poppy Seed Bagel
Good Luck! がんばって‼︎!

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