Monday 11 July 2016

Our all new Japanese menu featuring 和菓子Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)

こんにちはリトリストスイートショッパ❗️Konnichiwa Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We are so pleased to introduce an all new Japanese menu here at Littlest Sweet Shop! I am a super huge fan of Japanese culture and the girls are actually Japanese (even though we all live in England) so it is about time we have some real (miniature) Japanese food for sale.

Today we are listing the 和菓子Wagashi treats which are traditional Japanese Sweets in the Japanese menu. We will eventually fill up this menu with other Japanese food such as sushi and bento sets so make sure you stick around for that!
Littlest Sweet Shop's 和菓子Wagashi
Our first new item is どら焼きDorayaki. If you grew up reading Doraemon manga like I did, you will know what it is. Doraemon will do anything for Dorayaki - a fluffy mini-cake (like pancakes) filled with Anko paste which is made from Azuki beans. It is almost like a sweet red-bean paste.

I hope Littlest Sweet Shop's Dorayaki will make all the robot cats crazy since we only used the finest ingredients to produce them. We can even make yours using different types of fillings like chocolate, strawberry cream or even cheese! Usually they are individually wrapped in clear plastic in the shops so you can also request us to package them for you.
Authentic Dorayaki by Littlest Sweet Shop
Filled with delicious Anko paste
Our next new item is called たい焼きTaiyaki. It is basically a fish-shaped cake with Anko filling inside. Just like the Dorayaki, you can also request other types of filling instead. Unfortunately it does not come in 1/12 scale but it is available in 1/3 scale!!

Littlest Sweet Shop's Taiyaki has a cute fish pattern on both sides so it actually looks like a 3D fish! It is common to see Taiyaki made and sold in Japanese festivals.
Littlest Sweet Shop's Taiyaki
A very cute and detailed fish pattern on both sides!
Also filled with Anko paste. We try to make it look as authentic as the real thing!
The last item for the day is 花見だんごHanami Dango. だんごDango is a type of mochi dumpling shaped into balls and skewered onto a stick. Mochi is usually very soft and fluffy and sweet. We made Hanami Dango which comes in 3 colours and usually eaten during Hanami (Cherry-Blossom viewing).
Hanami Dango should be served with Green Tea
Hanami Dango
That's all for now. We hope that you enjoyed our new collection of Japanese food miniatures. Come back again next week for even MORE new items!

Akiko wants to try out the new Hanami Dango because of the pretty colours

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