Saturday 16 July 2016

New items: Take-away Salads and Colourful Ice Cream

Good afternoon Littlest Sweet Shoppers!
Today's new item is a take-away bowl of Littlest Sweet Shop salads because we don't just make sweets and candy! You can find the Chicken and Prawn salad in our Brunch menu.
It comes in Small and Large containers which are hand-made by us using a vacuum forming machine. You can even order them sealed with a transparent film so you can take it on picnics!  
Salads and bottled water - our healthiest item!
These are definitely the healthier lunch option for your dolls. Appreciate all of the fine details including the plastic bowl. It is transparent enough for you to see all of the contents!
Hand-made take-away bowls are very transparent.
The salad comes with loose pieces of miniature food ingredients for extra detailed cuteness!
Large Prawn Salad: Lettuce, button mushroom slices, cherry tomatoes, steamed prawns, hard-boiled egg, black olives, cubed cheddar and lime wedge
Small Chicken Salad: Lettuce, chicken pieces, lemon wedge, hard-boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, button mushroom, sweet-corn, black olives, cubed cheddar and grated parmesan
We updated the Ice-Cream menu with more colourful ice-cream. The Fruit Ice-Lollies now come in Ombré colours and filled with real berries.
Pink and Blue Ombré and real fruit berries popsicle
Fruit Ice-Lollies come in all colours of the rainbow
Rainbow soft serve on cake cone by Littlest Sweet Shop
I hope all of the colourful pictures cheered up your day! See you again with more new food next week :D


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