Thursday 7 July 2016

New Ice Cream for summer!

Good morning Littlest Sweet Shoppers

We have tons of new things for July but we are going to debut just the new ice cream first since it is summer!
Everything here is now available in the Ice Cream menu so choose a tasty treat that will help your dolls cool down in the upcoming warm weather. 

Our first new item is the waffle cone. These are brand new to Littlest Sweet Shop and slightly bigger than our standard sugar cones from before. The waffle pattern is very detailed and you won't find a better quality in miniature!

Our waffle cones can also be hand dipped in chocolate, white chocolate or any other delicious dip! You can even choose from an assortment of sprinkles to add more crunch! 
Hand-dipped waffle cones. Choose from a selection of dips and toppings
Of course if you think that is a bit overkill, we also offer plain waffle cones. Just add ice cream!
Plain waffle cones
Our next new item is called Taco Ice Cream! It's quite a genius invention - crispy wafer shaped like a taco shell is filled with creamy ice cream and the top is covered in chocolate! A generous helping of nuts covers the the top to add more crunch and flavour! It is amazing and if you are a big fan of ice cream like I am, make sure you try it! This Littlest Sweet Shop version is made for 1/6 dolls.
Taco Ice Cream
Close-up. Vanilla filling with chocolate sauce.
Taco Ice Cream can be dipped in chocolate or white chocolate and topped with various types of toppings (nuts, chocolate shavings)
Our next new item is the Cake Cone! We usually use it for soft-serve type ice cream but you can also order normal scoops with them!

This type of cone is similar to the ones you get in McDonald's and each of the cone can stand perfectly on its own. We even offer a chocolate dipped soft-serve ice cream and we will definitely expand this range so make sure you come visit us again!
Cake cone with soft serve ice cream
Finally, I managed to take better photos of our Snow Cones which is also appropriate for summer time, especially scorching hot days! I just got this cute Rilakkuma ice shaving machine so we will also be making shaved ice treats in the future. 
Snow cones come in rainbow colours
Littlest Sweet Shop snow cones made from real paper cones
That's all for now. We have more new things to list in the shop including an all new Japanese menu! However the weather gods seem to be angry with us since we are still waiting for summer in England. All we are getting now is rain and dark clouds almost every day so I'm hoping to be able to take photos of all the new items when the sun decides to come out again. 


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