Tuesday 3 February 2015

Protein Packed NEW ARRIVALS! Pizzeria now open

Ciao Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Today we are introducing our new Pizzeria menu! Littlest Sweet Shoppers have requested more protein in their daily dolly diet so I've added pizzas and more pork products to the deli menu.

Let's introduce our pizza range first. We offer 6 different variants (that's 6 different PIZZAS!) for you to choose from. It comes in 2 sizes, a medium (can serve 6 dollies) and a large (can serve 8 dollies). I think the medium pizza looks great for a scene with 2 dolls (romantic dinner maybe?) and the large pizza is definitely a must for any party and if you have a large dolly family.

5 Whole Littlest Sweet Shop Pizzas from the Pizzeria menu
Pizzas are now listed in the Pizzeria menu.

Here are the 6 different Pizza variants to entice you:

1.    Seafood Pizza Pizza with tomato base and Mozzarella.Topped with prawns, calamari, green capsicum, pineapple chunks and sprinkled with crushed black peppercorns. Drizzled with prawn cocktail sauce.

Whole Medium Seafood Pizza

2.    BBQ Chicken Pizza Pizza with tomato base and Mozzarella.Topped with grilled chicken breast chunks, onions, mushroom, and a sprinkling of chilli flakes. Drizzled with smokey BBQ sauce.

Whole Medium BBQ Pizza
3.   Ham and Pineapple Pizza Tomato sauce base. Topping: Cheddar cheese, ham slices, pineapple chunks, green capsicum, mushroom, oregano sprinkle

Whole Medium Ham and Pineapple Pizza
4.    Four Cheese Pizza

Whole Medium Four Cheese Pizza

5.    Pepperoni Pizza Tomato sauce base. Topping: Cheddar cheese, pepperoni, black olives, green capsicum, mushroom. Sprinkled with oregano

Whole Medium Pepperoni Pizza
Medium Pepperoni pizza with 2 slices cut out

A large pizza is definitely eye-catching since it's packed with a lot of delicious toppings.

6.   Salami Pizza.Pizza with tomato base. Topping: Cheddar cheese, salami, green capsicum, black olives, sliced mushroom and a sprinkle of oregano

Large whole Salami pizza

 You can order a large pizza with 8 slices. Perfect for sharing.

This is the size comparison between the large (salami) pizza and the medium (seafood) pizza:

Large whole pizza & medium whole pizza
We will eventually roll out more new Italian food for the Pizzeria menu so make sure you come visit us regularly ^_^

I am also making boxes for the pizza and will list it as soon as I can! 

If you don't need too much pizza (or on a diet), you can also opt for a single slice of pizza. 

Single slice of Pizza on Maya's lunch tray

Our salami comes in two variants and can be found in the Deli menu.
Grab a few slices or even a whole salami!
Whole Salami and Black Peppered Salami  with slices
We also have more new arrivals in the deli menu! These are English Pork Pies in 2 different sizes. A large one should be able to serve 4-5 dolls and a mini pork pie is enough for an individual serving.

Pork Pie with a single slice. Pork jelly detailing between the top crust and filling
Mini pork pies. Perfect for supper!

I think that's all the savoury food for now! We are after all, a Littlest Sweet Shop so I am ending this post with something sweet.

Here is the final 2015 addition in our Valentine's Day menu - Heart sweets!

They are really mini and come in 4 colours. They were tricky to make but I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. These are resin-based candy. Now available in the Seasonal menu

That's all for today. See you again soon!

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