Saturday 17 January 2015

New Arrivals - MOAR Animal Doughnuts, Valentine's Day cakes, Mandarin Oranges and Corn Dogs. Also - Kawaii Box Giveaway Winner Announcement

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Since the animal doughnuts were best sellers, I decided to make new variants! I wanted to use new colours like blue and purple and include some popular characters (and turn them into yummy doughnuts). Each fluffy doughnut base is covered all over with sugar icing. Looks glossy and sweet!

The new line-up can be found in the 'Bakery' menu:

'Penguin' Doubutsu Doonatsu
'Owl' Doubutsu Doonatsu
'Hello Kitty' Doubutsu Doonatsu
'Pikachu' Doubutsu Doonatsu
Dark Pink 'Cat' version, Pink 'Bunny' version, and Pikachu Doubutsu Doonatsu
Our last new animal doughnut is the Japanese mascot - My Melody. My Melody is the Sanrio character that I love the most and it's her 40th Anniversary this year so I'm planning to model more items in her honour. I can't believe she is 40 years old! My favourite memories of childhood includes trips to Jusco (a Japanese shopping department) for My Melody stuff.

Valentine's Day is less than a month away so be sure to check out our 'Seasonal' menu for our V-Day themed products. I'm just adding a few new items for this year and here they are:

Heart-shaped cakes and macarons. Chocolate fondant heart cake with light pink icing

Remember these sweets?

Love Hearts Candy

These cakes can be made to resemble any Love Hearts sweets ^_^
The thick fondant sugar will be pastel coloured and written with red clear icing.

Have your own Valentine's Day slogans on our heart cakes - just like Love Hearts sweets!
Pastel heart shaped macarons

The 'Brunch' menu has also been updated with a new arrival - Corn Dog. I love corn dogs even though it's not really available here in England. I actually make my own corn dogs with real cornmeal and traditional English sausages XD

Still tasted great! It's actually better than pretzel dogs (another food item I love)! Dolls should be able to enjoy this tasty snack as well so here they are. The ones in our shop are drizzled with some ketchup but you can also have mustard if you wish.  

Chinese New Year is coming up so I'd like to wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Piku-chan with some mandarin oranges and fortune cookies. Courtesy of rounezu
In case you didn't know, 2015 is the year of the Sheep - that's why she's dressed like a cute sheep :D

We also received a case of fresh juicy and sweet mandarin oranges. The fortune cookies and oranges are available in the 'Seasonal' menu.

Before I say good-bye, I'd like to announce the winner of the 'Kawaii Box' giveaway. The lucky Littlest Sweet Shopper is:

Olga Voinova

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your Kawaii Box which is currently on its way to you. For the rest of you who entered, please do not be upset. I will be holding our first giveaway via Facebook when we reach 1000 FANS! It will be a set of Littlest Sweet Shop Food (OMG!)

Bye and be sure to come back next week! 

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