Thursday 8 January 2015

New items - sliced bread and a new deli menu

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers! Let's start 2015 with a brand new menu - Delicatessen

I can't believe that I made so many new things over the New Year holidays (when outside is dark, cold and gloomy - you can be super productive indoors) but I can only add a few to the shop one blog post at a time. Winter is the worst weather for photography since we get only a few hours of daylight and I already use half of that daylight hours to do house chores and cooking. By midday I'm serving lunch so I only have literally an hour to snap as many photos as I can XD
Anyway, back to the news of our new menu. Yes, we now have a deli section that will be filled with different types of cheeses, cured meats and sandwiches!

For now, the new cheese line will debut first. You can order just a slice or a whole cheese wheel for your dolls. These also come in 1:12 scale so you can stock-up a doll-house deli.
Various cheese handmade by Littlest Sweet Shop. Have it with wine and a crispy slice of ciabatta
Red Leicester wheel with one slice
Brie wheel

Swiss Cheese 
Edam with a thin layer of wax on the outside
Mature stilton with blue veins and 'crust' detailing 
Classic cheddar (also my all time favourite)

We also made new items to serve with the cheese. They are all in the Bakery menu and sold in slices.

Ciabatta slices. Traditional Italian bread with large holes in the middle made with olive oil

White sliced bread. Recommended to be used in breakfast settings (obviously)
Sliced baguette. Arrange them into the bread basket for any dinner setting!
Last but not least, here is something for Chinese New Year. In the west it is common to get these with Chinese take-outs all year round but our fortune cookies are listed in the Seasonal menu. I will eventually make a few more Chinese New Year items because it's just so much fun ^_^ 
All fortune cookies come with a paper fortune stuck in each one of them (each with a special fortune)
1:6 scale fortune cookies size comparison

There are almost 500 Facebook Littlest Sweet Shoppers (yeay!) so make sure you are also a fan since it is the only way to get exclusive sneak peak on new items that just came out of our kitchen.

I will be back again next week with more new items! This is an exciting start to a great new year ;)


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