Monday 20 January 2014

New arrivals - Valentine's Day Specials!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Valentine's Day is only 3 weeks away so I hope you fall in love with these new arrivals! They are perfect for your dolly sweetheart or 1/6 scale Valentine. These new arrivals can be found in the Seasonal menu. If you would like to order these V-day themed treats, please submit your request by the 5th of February (worldwide) and by the 9th of February (UK and Europe).

Valentine specials at Littlest Sweet Shop
Heart shaped wobbly gelatine desserts
Strawberry clear jello with whole strawberries. Garnished with pink icing and a strawberry slice
Valentine's Day box of chocolates
Includes 12 unique bonbons!
Sweetheart sticky loaf. Perfect for sharing
Heart shaped sugar cookies
Mini cakes coated in candy and chocolate
Valentine's Day edition rock candy
Packed in a clear plastic bag for sharing. Hand moulded hearts in 4 different colours
Each piece is less than 2mm in diameter
Valentine Charlotte cake

Puppen Haus updates:

I was lucky enough to find some small photo frames from Poundland and painted them white. I added some small photos (some are from my own personal collection) and decorated the bedroom wall.
Maya standing alone in the balcony. I added a big pot of paper flowers and iron wrought chairs. The plan was to add more flowers and plants to this area.
Maya is sitting comfortably by the custom bay window seat
That's all for now! There are so many new items for Valentine's Day since Littlest Sweet Shop opened for business a year ago ON Valentine's Day so it had to be extra special. It is a rush to have new items ready before the holiday since I had to start working on Valentine themed miniatures from the start of the new year. The gap between Christmas and Valentine's Day isn't a big one AND I'm already planning my new Easter line-up!

Before I sign-off, here is the dress that I made for Sadie. She will be wearing it for Valentine's and I should start looking for something special to wear too!

Bye! <3

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