Wednesday 18 December 2013

God Jul Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I'm finally back from my holiday and it feels like it has been ages since I updated this blog with anything. So here are some new arrivals, Puppen Haus updates and some Christmassy photos in miniature scale. 

First of all - a Puppen Haus Christmas. All Christmas food is featured in the Seasonal menu.

Christmas fayre in the Puppen Haus living room

Me and Sadie's first Christmas together :)

The tree isn't fabulous enough but I think I prefer it simple anyway. Candy canes are from the Littlest Sweet Shop and I made the presents using scrap paper
I wonder what is Sadie getting for Christmas?
The table is set up for a fancy feast! Complete with mini pastel candy cane
Christmas classics
Got this little Santa cardstock from a German miniaturist

5 new Xmas sugar cookies with 5 different designs! New in the Seasonal menu
Puppen Haus is given a little festive make-over
This rocking chair looks Christmassy because of the cross-stitched cushion made by a German miniaturist

Updates on Puppen Haus: The house is finally fully furnished! The last furniture item was a bed and at first I wanted to build one from scratch. I saw this vintage 1970s bed on eBay and I went into a bidding war and won it! This bed is so rare that it justifies the price I had to pay to get it. So far it's the most expensive furniture in Puppen Haus but I think it is worth every penny. I re-made the whole bedding set since the original bedding was gnarly. I used Tilda fabric and lace from Panduro Hobby. 

First look on the Puppen Haus bedroom. Sindy vintage 1970s dressing table (re-upholstered with Tilda fabric) on the right. Vintage Mary Quant's Daisy Doll 1970s bed on the left with handmade bedding.
This bed doesn't just look comfy - it IS comfy and even the blanket is made to be snug
IKEA cushion (to be replaced with a teddy bear when I get one). Bedside table made by me

Some new arrivals in the Littlest Sweet Shop!

New éclair design. Find it in the French Pastries menu
New in - leavened effect bundt cake. Realistic cake that you can cut into slices! Check it out here in the Cakes menu
More new sweets. This selection of 5 sweets is now available in the Pick'n mix menu here
Here is a Hello Kitty Christmas tree ornament I made for a friend. What do you think? Should I start making more non-food models?

Before I sign off, I'd just like to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my readers and Littlest Sweet Shoppers.

Bye <3

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