Saturday 28 December 2013

It's all about toys!

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers :)

Now that Christmas is over - let's talk about the presents! Nothing makes me happier than to wake up Christmas morning and play with the new toys that Santa brought me.

2013 Christmas gifts: New pointe shoes, ballet on blu-ray, a tin of sweets (and sweet tin too!) and loads of new re-Ment miniatures!
There are too many new miniatures to showcase so I've selected a few that I've arranged around Puppen Haus.
My Sindy dressing table with Tilda re-upholstered seat. Various re-Ment miniatures on the table top
Shelf and desk made by me. Chair is vintage 70s Sindy and several new re-Ment items from 'Hello-Kitty Elementary School'
Some other 'Hello Kitty Elementary school' set on the shelf. I made the books
There is this IKEA cupboard on the side of the study which rarely gets seen since it is inside by the window.
Desk close-up. I made the pencils myself and now only realising that they are too short and fat!
Health and safety is always important - even in a dollhouse! This is a re-Ment 'Pharmacy' set
The living-room. Still not decided on whether or not I should make curtains for the house
This time the cabinet is finally filled with tableware! Mostly from re-Ment 'Fairytale Tableware' set
Close-up on what's inside
Coffee table close-up. Hello Kitty manga being read
New kitchen items include mug tree and chipmunk spice jars
Various food products on top of the fridge. Each of the box contain items too!
The vintage 90s Barbie fridge is filled with mostly re-Ment miniatures
'Rilakumma Supermarket' and 'International Supermarket' sets make up most of the food in this fridge

Now Littlest Sweet Shop can serve cream tea in many new lovely teacups
re-Ment teacup also from 'Fairytale Tableware' collection
re-Ment basket with my own bread. Mickey bread is re-Ment but you can see the difference between a hand-painted miniature with my own hand-moulded polymer clay miniatures
I have a drawer underneath the dollhouse which I call the 'basement'. It's where I keep all my other spare miniatures and re-Ment toys
I made all of these flowers to decorate the balcony
This is one of the reasons why I decided to go with the 'strip-socket' method to light the house. I love the way the miniature plug looks on the wall - and it has a purpose!
Christmas tree is now just another tree outside the house (except in December)
These topiary trees are just perfect at the entrance
I had at least 30 different Polly Pocket products when I was in my pre-teen years. This special one is my pencil case and also my road-toy. 
Sanrio My Melody stationary from Japan! I grew up with a Jusco (a Japanese department store chain) nearby our home and my mum would buy me Sanrio products that was imported from Japan. My Melody has always been my favourite.
Why not get those hollow baubles from hobby stores and add Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures?

I hope you enjoyed this post about my toys (and Christmas tree decorations).Toys are definitely a big part of my life since I never outgrew it. Azone International has been coming up with this new range of Pureneemo dolls which reminds me of the Sweets Spirits from Yumeiro Pâtissière. Their sweets inspired maid-style outfits are so pretty and detailed that I knew I had to have one for the Littlest Sweet Shop. Unfortunately these dolls are very limited and they sell out as soon as the pre-order is open and the more exclusive ones are only available to Japanese residents! Long story short, I just purchased this doll from Japan(find out which one on my Facebook page) and I'm now patiently waiting for it to arrive! She will be featured in the upcoming post next year so wait for it :)

See you next year in 2014! Bye!


  1. This is sweet! I am in awe of all the mini's in the kitchen, especially.

    1. Thank you! Yes the kitchen is my favourite room too

  2. Hello hello!!! I saw your comment and made you a little link on my blog! I really love your blog, and your shop and all these tiny treats! I've got the same Maya as you, she was just *too* cute to resist!!

    I can't wait to see more!

    1. Hello!!

      Yes, I frequently read your blog - love it :)

      Peach pie Maya has arrived and she is sooo kawaii! In the next few days I'm featuring new cakes and cupcakes. Maya will be serving them <3