Sunday 17 November 2013

New in - Danish Pastries and a towering croquembouche

Hi Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

First of all - thank you to all of you who 'liked' the Littlest Sweet Shop page on Facebook. I never succumbed into paying for ads but recently the page had more than 100 likes! To some it may seem like it is a tiny (or not) achievement but I'm just happy to see the page going somewhere.

So, a big thank you to everyone who has supported me especially my mum who is ever so supportive of my small business :)

Anyway, a few new things to debut here in the Littlest Sweet Shop. First off - Danish Pastries. Available now in the Bakery menu

I spy some new danish pastries on display!
The danish pastries are available in the styles here and you can have them drizzled in fruit sauces, custard, powdered sugar, fruit slices, nuts,chocolate chip - or anything really!:

Danish envelops

Pinwheel Danishes
Cinnamon Praline danishes with icing sugar and chopped nuts (L) and chopped chocolate (R)
Danishes have details of a 'layered' pastry look visible from the sides and 'glossed' for that sugared up look

Next new item in the shop is croquembouche which is now available in the French Pastries menu.

A tower of choux pastries piled up and drizzled with toffee
The other thing that I was working on is some ice cream cone charms. The charms are 1/6 scale and have silver eye-pins on them so you can turn it into a pendant, bracelet charm, keychain or even as a phone charm! They are very cute and I hope the people I made this for will like them! I don't charge extra for the silver eye-pin to be inserted into any Littlest Sweet Shop commissions (limited to certain items). I realise many of my clients love turning these miniatures into jewellery so I hope this will encourage more of that type of commission.

Several varieties of ice cream scoops

Puppen haus project is still on hold since I have been quite busy with other things recently but I did make a new dress for Sadie.

I used leftover Tilda fabric from the bay window seat that I made. I love the duck egg blue and grey spot combo! As long as she is not wearing this dress in the living room of Puppen Haus, things shouldn't get too awkward :p

The Littlest Shop kitchen will now be closed from today until the 4th of December. I will be going on holiday to celebrate our 5th year wedding anniversary. We will be basking in the sunny island of Bali. Believe it or not I actually prefer not to go on a holiday. I hate the idea of missing my ballet classes and not cooking lunch everyday. I love spending all day making miniatures while listening to so I will definitely miss modelling! I don't like leaving Sadie, our collie and Puppen Haus behind either. However it is getting colder and the day we fly out is the day when snow will hit England! I have no issues with the cold but I guess I have to (sigh) go for this holiday even though I always feel like my day-to-day life is like one big never-ending holiday. Plus, I HATE FLYING! Why do warm places need to be so far away?

I'm afraid there won't be any blog updates until I get back. I will be missing my miniature world but please do wait for me to come back. I will be accepting commissions again when Littlest Sweet Shop re-opens.

Au revoir 'til we meet again.


  1. I just found your blog..
    it's very enteresting, I also like miniature but I don't have a doll house like you..
    I still thinking to make it anyway..
    and I'm from Indonesia. I hope you enjoy your holiday in Bali

    rgds, lucky

    1. Hi Lucky! You should definitely build a dollhouse - it is very rewarding :)

      Thanks for visiting and please come again :)