Friday 28 June 2019

June New Arrivals - Doritos, Twizzlers, opaque gummy bears and updated 1:3 scale drinks!

Greeting Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It's almost end of June but I think I managed to update the website with a few new items before we say hello to July. This month wasn't great for me. It's usually the time of year when I go away on holiday because the local pollen gives me serious hay-fever which leads to my asthma attacks. Honestly it's the only time of the year when I have difficulty breathing but the reason why I'm still stuck amongst the high pollen is because my bathroom is currently being renovated so we can't go away on holiday.

On the subject of renovation, my bathroom is next to my studio so it's been almost impossible to work with clay when there is a lot of dust floating around. Hence I haven't been able to sculpt anything new other than some commissions. This month was also an awful start to summer since we had only a few days of sunshine and most days were cold and cloudy which is why it was hard for me to take any pictures. I think I've explained before that miniatures are tricky to photograph (and I don't have any fancy cameras/equipment) so I rely on natural sunlight to capture all the details.

OK I'm now done venting my frustrations so here are some new items which have been listed on the website. First is a new packaged snack similar to Doritos. The packaged snacks (sealed, not to be opened) is now listed on the Etsy store. I made the nachos a while back but designed the packaging recently. The insides of our snacks packaging is lined with real aluminium foil so it looks even more real!
Littlest Sweet Shop's version of Doritos
You can also order loose pieces of cheese nachos and an opened pack
New to our Sweets Boutique's pick'n mix selection is some cherry Twizzlers. They even have a slight 'flexibility' and similar texture like Twizzlers candy.
Cherry Twizzlers
Perfectly made to fit 1:6 scale or playscale
Next we have our popular Gummy Bears now available in opaque colours. Basically you can  now commission our Gummy Bears in ANY colour!
XXS miniature gummy bears in light pink and light brown colours
The next new arrival isn't new, but it comes in a new cup design and exclusive to 1:3 scale drinks. I choose this cup because I like the design plus it's thicker than the previous cups which adds durability.
2019 new cup design for 1:3 scale drinks
1:3 scale bubble tea with whipped cream and strawberry
Last but not least is something from our YouTube channel's latest miniature tutorial. It's part of a bigger release that I'm really hoping to debut soon which is full of dreamy pastel goodness. I thought I might as well list this one first. It's Yume Cream Pie and features a thick pastry crust with realistic cream filling in 3 colours.
6 slices of  Yume cream pie
Featuring realistic creamy pie filling in cute colours
That's all for today. I will be updating the blog again tomorrow with a small commission update and I'm currently completing several commissions and Etsy sales. I would really love to take on a bigger project but my family is visiting for 2 week in July so I won't be able to do much when they are here. Please follow me on social media for all the latest updates. 


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