Monday 29 January 2018

New arrivals for January - Unicorn cake, Final Fantasy bread, Brioche à tête and Breadsticks

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers

It's been a while but I'm back! I had a busy holiday period where I sold a lot of miniatures via our Etsy shop and in January I went on a skiing holiday in Norway. The weather in England has been grey and wet as usual but I managed to take photos for these new miniatures. 

This unicorn cake is a small cake (suited for 1:12 scale) and features ombre colours in it's icing 'mane'. We love using blue and pink ombre for our unicorn colours and this cake pairs well with ombre macarons and Unicorn fudge. 
1:12 scale Unicorn cake on Littlest Sweet Shop plate
I have been playing Final Fantasy RPGs all my life and here is a sharing bread made from some of the famous characters from the game. You can buy 6 or 9 pieces to create your own pull-apart bread from 3 different characters. You can also order individual Cactuar, Moogle or Chocobo bread.
Final Fantasy Sharing Bread
Fluffy buns in cute characters from Final Fantasy
Now here is something that is great for a dinner table setting. We have 2 types of breadsticks - plain or cheese twists. Arrange them in a container and serve it with a cheese platter or as a starter. They are long, thin and crispy, perfect for lunch or dinner. 
Cheese twists
Cheese twists in container
Plain breadsticks
Last but not least is a new French bread called Brioche à tête. Brioche à tête is the most classic form of this sweet and rich bread and the portion is enough for 1 doll. Just serve with butter and jam for a rich and delicious experience.
Brioche à tête
That's all for now. Our Etsy store will only open until end of February so make sure you visit soon to grab a few ready-made miniatures and accessories for yourself. I am also currently doing an exciting new project called "Littlest Fast Food". It is quite a daunting job creating all the new packaging for the food especially when I am still learning my way around Adobe Illustrator. The process may be taking some time but I hope to launch this new series next month. Make sure you follow us on social media so you can see my progress on the project. Visit us again next month for more new miniatures!


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