Friday 22 December 2017

Making of IKEA Billy 1/6 scale Bookcase furniture

Happy Holidays Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

There has been so many new miniatures cluttering up the dollhouse recently so Akiko decided to purchase another Billy unit from Ikea. This new one will be placed in the bedroom. It's so easy to install Billy so Naru decided to do it herself. The furniture is flat packed so it could easily be sent to their home.
Naru with the new Billy Bookcase. Neatly packaged in a thin box.
Before she starts, she checked the contents to make sure everything is there. There shouldn't be issues assembling it as long as it has no missing parts.
Contents of Billy miniature
 Naru reads the instructions first and makes sure she understands everything.
Naru reading the Billy instructions manual
 Assemble the sides and fixed shelves together first by slotting in the plastic peg parts together.

After that assemble the other side. It is now quite stable to stand on its own.

Slide in the cardboard back (just like the real size Billy!). Slot in the rest of the shelves in place.
Maya helping Naru install the rest of the shelves
Yeay! It is now assembled! Billy bookcase is great because it looks really nice and you can adjust the shelf height to your own preference (exactly like the real Billy). The quality is also very nice and now we have 2 Billy bookcases in the dollhouse. 
A beautiful new piece of furniture for the dolls house.
You can put so many items on this bookcase but here are just several pieces thrown in to show its potential. 

That's all for now! Have a great Christmas and see you next year!