Tuesday 7 November 2017

New arrivals November. Fudge, Realistic Gummy Bears, LEGO bricks and introducing our own Dishware Collection!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We are now at the time of the year where there is almost no sunlight during the very limited hours of day here in England! Photos of miniatures definitely have to be taken in natural sunlight since they are so tiny and I'm not using a professional camera like a DSLR. Anyway I managed to take these photos during the limited hours of sunlight we had for the past 3 weeks so here they are.

New for this month, we have the usual miniature food listed and also a new range of tableware and some LEGO bricks in our new Dollhouse Miniatures section.
New arrivals November 2017
Our first new item also falls under a new category, Dollhouse Miniatures. I have kit-bashed some dollhouse items since it wasn't easy to find anything for a 1:6 scale dollhouse so I decided to list them in this new menu. Hopefully by next month there will be new items like miniature presents and Christmas crackers. Basically any non-related food item will go into this category.

These LEGO bricks are super tiny and suitable for even 1:12 scale scenes. They come in bright colours and 4 different shapes. Each set has 16 pieces (please see photo for breakdown) and you can order a set of a same colour or a set with mixed colours. They look and feel like they are made from quality hard plastic so don't leave them on the floor!
4 different types LEGO bricks in miniature. Made from quality hard plastic just like the real thing! Handmade by Littlest Sweet Shop
The perfect toy for your young doll and a great prop for any dollhouse playroom
16 pieces in 1 set. This is an all blue colour set. The second piece from the right measures 5mm x 5mm
Mixed colours set. 16 pieces random colours
This next new item is our favourite since it is not only cute and tiny, but it actually has the same feel and texture like the real thing! Our Gummy Bears come in 3 different sizes, and the largest is sold under the 1:3 scale menu. They come in red, orange, green, teal, blue, purple, and pink colours. You can choose to have a small sized Gummy Bears or a slightly medium sized ones for your dolls.
Small sized Gummy Bears displaying all the colours which are available. All Gummy Bears can stand up on its own.
Small teal coloured Gummy Bear. Super translucent with a lot of details
Medium sized Gummy Bears, 8mm by 5mm
Comparison Medium sized Gummy Bear with Small sized Gummy Bear
Small sized Gummy Bears. 6mm by 4mm. Perfect for 1:12 scale as well
Large Gummy Bear (available in 1:3 scale menu) is soft and squishy. All of our Gummy Bears have a realistic gummy texture for extra realism
The next collection is also candy since we strive to bring you the most varieties of miniature sweets. Bear lollipops are too cute with a lot of personality since their faces are hand-drawn. Order yours smiling or looking sleepy in 4 different flavours and 4 different sizes. 
Comes in 4 different sizes. Hand-painted faces so you can have any expression!
(Large) Dark Chocolate Bear Lollipops
(Medium) Strawberry Milk Bear Lollipops
(Small) Milk Chocolate Bear Lollipops
(Extra Small) White Chocolate Bear Lollipops
Harumi likes the white chocolate bear lollipop
Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you our own range of tableware! I am so excited to be making my own tableware because now I can make miniature food that comes permanently in bowls or plates. The tableware comes in different sizes but generally fits 1:12 scale and the 'big' labelled items fits better to 1:6 scale. The sizes are listed as well so you can decide yourself which plates you want and since it is handmade from polymer clay, you choose the colour as well! I have been using the new tableware with the new food so do look out for it.
Our dishware is handmade from polymer clay so you can request it in any colour. This colour is Blossom and has a semi-matte finish.
Stone effect dishware in pink. Semi-transparent. Littlest Sweet Shop dishware is appropriate for both 1:12 and 1:6 scale. Refer to the measurements in each item description. Measurements are approximate figures since each item is handmade.
The under-side of Littlest Sweet Shop dishware
Small Bowl
Small oval plate
Scalloped dish
Hexagon plate
Small Round Plate
Square plate
Large oval plate
Heart Plate
Cat Plate
Another new addition to the Tableware collection is our own selection of paper doilies or placemats. It is a great alternative to plates if you want something more practical.
All handmade so you can request them in any other colour! (with additional charge)
We have also moved all of our packaging and boxes into the same category as the dishware so it is so much easier for you to find any additional items that you may need for your miniature food. This clear carry gift box is also new and highly practical since it is a nice size to fit all of your Littlest Sweet Shop goodies.
Clear Gift Box with handle. Contents not included. Can fit a wide range of Littlest Sweet Shop products
Box size perfect for gifts and fits 1:6 scale dolls. Yuffie has purchased some Rocky Road to carry home
My mum made caramel slices when I was growing up and I had always wanted to make a miniature version for Littlest Sweet Shop. The ones sold here in British supermarkets tend to be smaller, almost bite sized so that's the style I made it in. This sweet treat also has the perfect ratio of biscuit to caramel to chocolate.
Known as Millionaire's Shortbread in Britain
Shortbread cookie base with thick caramel. Topped with crisp layer of chocolate
Egg tarts are popular in East Asia and ours are made to look like the Egg Tarts from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong style Egg tarts. Fluffy eggy filling in each pastry case
If you don't like egg filling in your mini tarts, then you should find these Chocolate Ganache Tarts a bit more suitable for your dolls. They are topped with whole strawberries and perfect for tea time.

Chocolate Ganache in pastry cups. Topped with whole strawberry
Here is even more candy! I have been working on making 5 different types of fudge for the Sweets Boutique. I was obsessed in trying to make them look like real fudge so what I did was to make the fudge just like how real fudge was made. First it comes in a huge piece like it was set in a tray and then cut into smaller pieces. This makes all of the fudge look unique with the top that looks like it was 'spreaded on'.
Fudge made to look like the real thing. Realistic texture and made like real fudge so each piece is unique
Chocolate fudge

Littlest Sweet Shop English fudge
Unicorn Fudge
Rainbow Fudge
Chocolate fudge with nuts and mini marshmallows (pink and white). Rough surface texture 'Rocky Road'. Larger sized bars
Rocky Road Fudge
Winter is pretty much just around the corner but that doesn't stop me from making more ice cream. Ice cream is still my all time favourite food and I even have more planned for December!!

Ice cream cups are made in a paper cup which I have designed and assembled by hand. They remind us of the type of ice cream you can get from an ice cream truck. There is no limit to what type of flavour of ice cream you want in the cup and they also come with a wooden spoon. If you order 2 flavours or more in a cup they come in a spiral pattern. The ice cream texture has also been created to look soft and fluffy.
Vanilla Strawberry, Birthday Cake, Rainbow, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate
Littlest Sweet Shop Ice Cream Cups. Comes with wooden spoon. Light and fluffy looking ice cream in cardboard container
Sometimes the perfect way to enjoy an ice cream is at home so you can combine your favourite flavours and toppings! These sundaes come in a handmade bowl which is made by Littlest Sweet Shop and there is no limit to how many scoops or crazy combinations that you can imagine. All of Littlest Sweet Shop's sweets, cookies, fruits can also be a topping.

Not sure if you noticed but I also used a new and different technique to making these realistic, melty looking ice cream scoops (hint: you can find out on our Instagram feed!).
Littlest Sweet Shop home-made style ice cream in bowls. Bowls handmade by Littlest Sweet Shop. Realistic ice cream and ingredients. Choose any flavour, sauce and topping
Blueberry, Cotton candy ice cream scoops with whipped cream and white strawberry. Mint bowl
Cotton Candy, mint chocolate chip ice cream scoops. Whipped cream with rainbow topper and marshmallow flump. Lilac bowl
Birthday cake, mint chocolate and chocolate ice cream scoops. Strawberry sauce and chopped nuts. Topped with whipped cream and cherry. Pastel blue bowl
Strawberry with raspberry swirl, chocolate and birthday cake ice cream scoops. Topped with whipped cream on the side, wafer fan and raspberry. White bowl
Peanut Butter ice cream, vanilla and mint chocolate ice cream scoops. Topped with caramel sauce, Hundreds and Thousands, whipped cream. Pastel yellow bowl
Chocolate caramel swirl ice cream scoop has realistic looking caramel ribbon. Pink bowl
Chocolate caramel swirl, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Sorbet ice cream scoops. Topped with whipped cream, cherry, wafer rolls and a chocolate biscuit. Pink bowl
Mint Chocolate chip, vanilla and chocolate ice cream scoops. topped with pastel sprinkles and wafer fan. Light pink bowl
Last but not least, we have another new Fruit in our Fruit and Vegetables menu. Lemon can come in whole fruit form or sliced. You can even buy a wedge of lemon which will go great with our seafood or Fish and Chips.
Littlest Sweet Shop Lemons. You can have them in slices
Whole slices and half slices
Lemon halves
Lemon wedge. Perfect with seafood
That's all of the new items for November. I hope you like our new range of non-food items and don't worry, this new category will also get expanded in the upcoming months. 

I am going to be in London from tomorrow and coming back next Monday (13 November) so any orders on Etsy will only be posted on 14 November onwards. If you have any commission requests, you can still submit a query via our form on the website since I have access to my emails. There isn't any YouTube tutorial this week because I was finishing up another commission before this short holiday in London but I will definitely crack on it when I get back from London and it will be a Japanese curry tutorial.


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