Wednesday 25 October 2017

Commission Update

Hey again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Another commission update! A new client from America commissioned 1:12 miniature ice cream cones with the stands. I'm glad she likes them! They are so tiny and cute.
1:12 scale ice cream commission
1:12 scale 2 scoops (mint Chocolate chip and strawberry ice cream). Garnished with whipped cream and cherry
Rainbow Scoop ice cream in 1:12 scale
1:12 scale triple scoop (purple, mint, blue ice cream) with strawberry sauce. Garnished with cherry and whipped cream
7 Scoop ice cream rainbow
1:12 scale Soft Serve with candy. Comes in a waffle cone
That's all for now. Come back again next week for another update on new arrivals. There will be not 1, but 2 new categories including Dollhouse Miniatures.


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