Tuesday 21 February 2017

Commission update - 1/3 Scale Strawberry Shortcake and 1/6 scale sweets and treats

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers! 

A quick update on some recent commissions. A Littlest Sweet Shopper in Sweden has requested a 1:3 scale Strawberry Shortcake (Japanese) for her new Dolfie Dream doll. The frosting looks really real and each strawberry slice have been hand-painted in detail. The sponge cake looks light and fluffy. She also ordered a box for the cake.
1/3 Scale Strawberry Shortcake (Japanese)

The next order came from a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America who is also a returning customer! She ordered some cakes and sweets. Our chocolate dipped strawberries are now a best-seller!
1:6 scale commission. Chocolate candy pretzels, churros, chocolate dipped strawberries, whoopie pies, strawberry chewing-gum, lemon drizzle Bundt cake, candy buttons
Some close-up shots:
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Strawberry chewing-gum
Chocolate candy pretzels and chocolate dipped churros
Lemon drizzle bundt cake

That's all for today. Join me again next week when we reveal our first tutorial on the website. If you wanted to learn how we make cute miniature food, this is your chance!


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