Friday 13 May 2016

Let's go for a picnic with some new items - S'mores, Turkish Delight and Rainbow Belts

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It was such a pretty day so we decided to have a picnic. Akiko also had the brilliant idea of taking some of the new items along with us so we can take photos for the menu!
Akiko with her picnic in the bright sunny day
All of the new miniature food is listed in the 'Sweets Boutique' menu. First one is an English favourite (even though it might not originate from Britain) - the Turkish Delight.

These chunky rose-water sweets are red but coated in fine icing powder. They are now available as part of our Pick'n Mix selection.
Chunks of Rose-water Turkish Delight 
Another new candy/confectionery is also a British favourite found in retro Tuck Shops. Rainbow Belts are long strips of gummy sweets in rainbow colours and coated in sugar. It is also a wonderful new addition to our Pick'n Mix range.
Rainbow Belts in a basket
We now have S'mores in our Sweets Boutique menu! I had trouble categorising this one but we don't have a 'Camping Food' menu so I thought it was best to list it with the other Littlest Sweet Shop candy since marshmallow and chocolate make up the biggest part of a S'more.

If you are not from America, you might wonder what is a S'more? It's short for "Some more" as in "GIVE ME SOME MORE!" because it's just irresistibly good.

Littlest Sweet Shop S'mores are made the traditional way using Graham crackers, toasted marshmallow and our own chocolate. It is a popular camping snack since people can toast the marshmallow over a camp fire and use that as the ingredient.

The marshmallow gets super soft and hot thus melting part of the chocolate. We even offer other candy flavours like Strawberry milk or White chocolate as well.
S'mores is the perfect snack during picnics and camping
The gooey hot marshmallow heats up part of the chocolate bar. Graham crackers are crispy and slightly tasteless so it will balance out all of that sugar.
Realistic Graham crackers, toasted marshmallow and our own chocolate makes the best S'mores
As usual, we guarantee that all of our miniatures are scaled down perfectly for your dolls. This ensures you get a good quality miniature with so much detail and realism that can make you hungry!
We strive to make our miniatures the perfect size for your doll
Last but not least we have updated our Rainbow cupcakes in the Cupcakes menu.
Each band of rainbow is secured on the cupcake with a thick white frosting resembling clouds. So much colour in one cupcake alone!
Rainbows and fluffy clouds
Our most colourful cupcake design
Before saying good-bye, I'd like to show you some photos from The Most Kawaii Event of the Year in London last weekend. My picture is a bit dodgy because my brother who took it is a medical student so he's not very good with the camera. The event was also indoors with spotlights on the stage so I guess lighting wasn't great either. We all had fun though and would love to meet more Littlest Sweet Shoppers in the future.

Me and the Littlest Sweet Shop accessories collection.
My brother helped me out on that evening.
Maya also came along and attracted many shoppers.
Akiko working hard to promote all of our various products.
Currently I'm working on some new and exciting miniatures as well as a tutorial for Sculpey so make sure you visit Littlest Sweet Shop again next time!


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