Saturday 28 May 2016

All new items! Star Icing cake, Battenberg, Iced Gem biscuits, and all new Popsickles

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here are several new items to enjoy over a cup of tea and new ice cream that is perfect for the upcoming hot season!

More new items for May
Iced gem biscuits were my favourite when I was a young girl. I love crunching the whole thing in one go and mix the meringue-like icing with the crunchy and light biscuit. Littllest Sweet Shop version is available in 5 colours and you can find it as part of our Pick'n Mix selection in the Sweet Boutique menu
Iced gem biscuits by Littlest Sweet Shop
Amazing detail on each biscuit
A lot of detail squeezed into each tiny piece!
Next up, something a bit more cool and icy! You can now find dipped pop-sickles in our Ice Cream menu. How do you know it's been dipped? Well, they have one small bite taken out and you can actually see the layers! We even made the pop-sickle stick from real wood.

2 different shapes available. You can custom what dip and coating you would like
Looks like a real 1/6 scale Magnum ice cream! Yuffie with a Milk Chocolate coated vanilla ice cream pop-sickle with dark chocolate stripes
Magnum shaped pop-sickles with a bite taken out. You can even have additional caramel/strawberry/chocolate sauce inside the vanilla ice cream
Square shaped pop-sickles. All dipped in delicious candy and coating
We have not 1 but 2 cakes to debut today in our Cakes menu.

First we have for you the Battenberg cake. It's very popular here in England and you can even buy mini versions in supermarkets.

Our version is the home-made style with white and pink spongecake sandwiched together with marmalade and covered in white marzipan
Battenberg cake
I call this masterpiece the Star Icing Ombré Cake in True Green colours. Inside is ombré cake with pink frosting. As you can see each star peak has to be individually modelled so it took almost 4 days to complete!
True Green Star Icing Ombré Cake
True Green Star Icing Ombré Cake with 1 slice
Pink icing inside.
Last but not least, we have some ice cream bites also new to our Ice Cream menu. They are mini in size and we have made some with vanilla ice cream inside.

Each mini bites is coated in a thin and crisp candy shell.
Mint and Strawberry ice cream bites. Also available with additional chocolate stripes.
Yuffie with her favourite pop-sickle - White chocolate 'Magnum' with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce inside  
Hope you like the new arrivals! We worked very hard making them >-<

Anyway join us again next week as we bring you another review of some very kawaii Japanese sweets.


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