Friday 18 March 2016

New items for March!! Mini pretzels and cupcakes

Hey Hey again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I'm back from my holiday so let's debut some new items in the shop, shall we?

New items for March
Our first new item is mini pretzels!
Each piece is only 5mm wide and it is a delicious snack that can be found in the Sweets Boutique menu. Our candy variant is coated in Mint, Strawberry, Caramel, and Chocolate (mmmmm....sweet and salty!)

Plain mini pretzels are also available on its own and perfect with beer.
Plain mini pretzels ideal snacking choice with beer
Next, we have 4 new cupcakes in our Cupcakes menu. Our adorable cupcakes come in real paper liners! Bear in mind that you can also customise the colour of the frosting, cake and even paper liner.
'Heart Candy' cupcake. Iced with a thick pink frosting and topped with a candy (resin) heart
'Whipped Cream' cupcake with a thick layer of whipped cream and a cherry
'Letter' cupcake. Write a message on your cupcake today! We can fit 2-3 letters on each cupcake
'Stripe' cupcake. We frosted this cupcake with pink AND lilac!
And finally, we added buttered toast to our Breakfast menu. Melted butter is soaked into our own realistic handmade slice of bread. Pair your toast with everything savoury and sweet!
Breakfast in bed with buttered toast and bacon
We now offer wrapping services to individually package your treats! Wrap any item from 80p onwards and only applicable to small treats.
Our chocolate chip cookies have been permanently sealed. However you can also choose to package a bag of treats (like the mini pretzels) with an opening so you can seal it close again.

That's all the update for now. I will get back to work and start making more new exciting miniatures in the upcoming weeks. Make sure you follow us on Instagram or Facebook for all the updates.



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