Thursday 18 February 2016

New Easter treats to light up Spring and Kawaii Box winner

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

It's that time again to welcome our new Easter and Spring arrivals. This year we designed our new treats with signs of fresh new life - cute baby animals, blooming flowers, and fabulous Easter Eggs. You can find them in our Seasonal menu.
Littlest Sweet Shop 2016 collection
The daffodil fairy will plant the flower everywhere in England during the start of Spring. This Basket Cake with Daffodils marks the start of the season. A caramel basket weave design is iced all around the cake. The butter-cake is layered with a bright pink icing and topped with green fondant. Pretty mini daffodil flowers and leaves decorate the top.
Basket weave cake with Daffodils
With one slice cut out. Order yours as a whole cake or even a single slice!
Add some mini magic to your Easter celebration with these spectacular Easter centerpieces. The candy eggs are molded with pastel colours and even sparkly sugar inside! There is a delightful scene inside each egg and the whole egg nestles comfortably on a candy basket!
Duck sits on a mountain of jelly beans. Sheep is grazing in the fields. A pink bunny is hopping on a mushroom
That's not all! Each egg has also been intricately decorated on the back! We only use pastel and sweet colours for Easter.
Back view
As the weather gets warmer, little bugs and insects will come back to life again! This Beehive Cookie Tower is made using the most buttery shortcake and iced with honey glaze. We then added some cute bees (with pink wings!) and a chocolate entrance.
Beehive Cookie Tower
A candy box Egg is an Easter masterpiece. These giant hollow eggs can be filled with chocolate or candy. A delightful surprise for anybody!
Candy box egg in 2 different designs. Choose your own colours and trim
This marbled chocolate mini eggs are made from white and dark chocolate. 
Candy box Egg filled with mini marbled eggs
This is an update of our Petits Fours which can be found in our French Pastries menu. The pastel colours make it perfect for Spring. Each cake has been coated with poured fondant and decorated with delicate roses. 
Pastel orange, baby blue and lilac Petits Fours (mini cakes). Comes in oval and diamond shapes.
I am pleased to announce that I am continuing my post as Sculpey Design Squad for 2016! Make sure you visit the link for insights and tips on how Littlest Sweet Shop treats are made.

"Yeay! New Easter sweets and chocolate!! YUMMY!"
Before signing off, I'd like to announce the winner of the most recent Kawaii Box giveaway. The winner is.........................................

Katelyn Scott

Congratulations from all of us at Littlest Sweet Shop and Kawaii Box! We hope you love it.

I'm currently on my holiday in South East Asia so see you again next month when I come back.


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