Friday 18 December 2015

Christmas Afternoon Tea Time! Featuring some new Mini Mince Pies and Carrot Cake

Happy Winter Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I've been busy with commissions and Christmas preparations recently so there wasn't much time to craft anything new. I made a few bespoke charm bracelets (no photos unfortunately since there was no sun to take any good pictures) and Christmas presents for friends. Since the Littlest Sweet Shop is currently my full time job, I have to make presents for friends and crafting is time consuming. 

If you have been busy running around to get ready for the busiest time of year, stop for half an hour and have a tea break! We have two new products that will be perfect for an afternoon tea during this holiday season. I even made the Christmas crackers with some recycled wrapping paper.

Have a Christmas afternoon tea with some delicious mince pies and a slice of carrot cake!
We already have large Mince Pies listed in our Seasonal menu. In England, Mince Pie is practically a Christmas staple. Now we have the mini versions to serve with tea. Like the real thing, each pie is frosted in powdered sugar. 
Mini mince pies come dusted in powdered sugar
There is also Carrot Cake which you can find in our Cake menu. The cake is generously frosted in whipped cream cheese and coated in chopped nuts. Each slice is decorated with a marzipan carrot. I'm not sure why but I always associate Carrot Cake with Autumn and Winter.
Carrot Cake. Cream cheese icing, and half coated in chopped nuts.
Since everything from our shop is bespoke, why don't you order a single slice instead?
I'm ending this post with a picture of a charm bracelet I made for my friend. I hope she likes it!!

We can also make a custom charm bracelet for you!


  1. Everything looks gorgeous! Your friend is a lucky girl! Hope your Christmas was fun. Happy new year! xo Jennifer

    1. Merry Christmas Jennifer! Thanks so much for visiting us :) we had a great Christmas with a new doll but we need winter to go away before we can take more pics (^_^;)

  2. I love the little creations you make, they're so cute and detailed! I'm sure your friend will love that charm bracelet, If my friends made that for me I sure would! Can't wait to see more of your pictures! - Laura xx